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Problem with Tales of Monkey Island

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I have just downloaded ToMI chapters 1 and 2 ... I haven't yet tried chapter 2, but I can't get chapter 1 to work. I've tried a load of suggestions from the other threads but nothing seems to be making any difference.

Basically, I launch the game, nothing happens for a minute or two, then I get a black screen for about 3 or 4 minutes. The lucasarts/telltale screen comes up, and at the bottom is a whole bunch of brown and green squares. The menu screen comes up, and I can see the right hand side (which says monkey island etc) fine, but the left hand side, which I assume must be text like load game is brown and green squares. I also have no mouse cursor once it gets past the black screen, but if you move the mouse about enough the squares get bigger (must be when the mouse is pointing to them) I managed to start the game once by clicking away like this, but graphics were painfully slow and a page full of those brown and green squares reappeared at which point I couldn't get any further.

My drivers are all up to date, please help!!!!!!!!!!!!:confused:

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