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How does the map work for Feast

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ALlright, this seriosly starting to agitate me, I've been stuck on the how to figure out the map since, at least 10:30pm and it's now 3:22am any Ideas?

P.S. I don't understand the folding to be more precise.

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  • I've tried but everytime , im moving in the jungle i get near that supid well!

  • As you re-fold the map, you are changing the layout of the jungle!

    Two questions you must ask yourself:
    Where are you trying to go?
    and, Where are you right now?

    Look around the jungle screen you're on. There is probably a landmark of some sort -- the well, a big piece of stone, a calendar, an idol, a skeleton, etc.

    Now, look at the map and find where you are. Look at the different directions you can go from there on the map. Find a route that will get you to where you need to go.

    If you can't get there yet, try re-folding the map. The map is more powerful than you think, and can re-arrange the jungle as you fold it.

    Re-fold the map until you can path out a route that gets you to where you need to go (hint: having all of the corners folded down will get you almost everywhere.), and start exploring.

    This isn't like Launch of the Screaming Narwhal -- There is no starting over, there are no magic exits that take you somewhere unexpected. You can always find your current location on the map, and navigate from there.

    What is shown on the map is the exact layout of the jungle. The only way to change where the paths go is to re-fold the map.

    More specific advice:

    Your best plan is probably to go back to the jungle entrance, and re-fold the map so that you can find a path for yourself to get from the entrance to the Red Idol. (Do this by folding down all four corners of the map and then folding down the top and bottom, so the shape of the map is sort of like <===> ) Once you have that path worked out, do not re-fold the map until you've made your way to that idol.

    Get there, and then re-fold the map so you can get from the red idol to the question mark. Follow the map to the question mark, and you have solved it.

  • I have the same issue as below, I cannot go south from purple to green even though I have the map folded correctly (with six sides) showing a path between the purple and green wind idols. Very frustrating, he just walks osffscreen and that's it. I suspect its bugged.

    I am using 64 bit O/S.

    @darkqwerty said: Ive fully folded down the map corners went left and yes got to the skelton then right but didn't arrive at the block with first right but 2nd right 1 further right and yes you get to the purple idol but then your directions go wrong unless iam miss reading it you can not go down from the idol to get to a 2nd idol going down never leaves the screen hopefully you can help me this puzzle is very annoying

  • I just posted in the other thread. But i have more or less the same problem, i cant get to red from green. 64bit as well.

  • I'm using windows 7 64 bit home, and I had no problems using the map. So I don't think it is 64 bit causing the problems.

  • ... it takes a bit of a while to get hang of what folding 6 bits of map do, but eventually you will get there ... took me about 2 hours fiddling about-moving through to screens with blue-ish then green, then red thingie under glass/re-fiddling with map-folding when in 'saved' red thing under glass screen ...

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