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Today starts the third season, so here's this thread to discuss the show, comment the current episodes, elaborate our own theories, etc...

btw (and to begin the discussion), don't you think this show would have made an excelent adventure game?

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  • but... but the teaser promised THREE BIG MYSTERIES WILL BE ANSWERED next week.

  • Probably. Everyone else is, left and right in the last 10-15 episodes.

  • I quite don't understand most of the tv series coming from the usa. Most of them look cheap, feature poor acting people who play uninteresting and sterile characters with a dull story behind. Same with this one...

  • Taumel--I won't argue about what most TV series in the US are like--but for Lost, I don't know how you can say it looks cheap given the amount of money they put into the production values and it's on-location shooting in Hawaii (most other US TV series are shot on sets in Los Angeles), and relative to other American TV series, Lost has featured interesting multinational characters from places such as Korea, Nigeria, and Iraq. As to the dullness of the story... I'm puzzled how you could label it dull--absurd, illogical and dense maybe, but not anything approaching simple and dull.

  • You've misunderstood what i meant with "looking cheap". I wasn't after ttey don't put enough money into this. What i meant was that all these kind of series share a certain kind of look which looks "cheap". It's the lightning, the way they make their closeups, the cuts and so on...

    You turn on the TV, zap through, see this kind of look and know exactly what you'll get if you watch it.

    As for the story it's dull in my opinion and nothing more than a waste of time.

  • Well, to each his own... I think most American TV series have that cheap two-camera sitcom look with a laugh track (Seinfeld, Friends, 90% of all sitcoms) which they make fun of in Situation:Comedy (Midtown Cowboys).

    How much of Lost have you watched enough to judge the story, by the way?

    (Just asking because I've had a recent history of spending tons of posts arguing with a guy who spent all his time talking about how Sam and Max Episode 3 is really bad when he never actually played it).

  • Dunno exactly, i maybe zapped for five times or so into it until i've noticed that it's nothing for me due to the reasons i've mentioned above.

  • this is a show that is much like csi and 24 in its audience, there is no middle ground...........either you hate it, or you love it.

    from what i hear, the show will run for five seasons overall........ with each remaining season having an overall "theme" as well as a set amount of info about the shows core mysteries........they also said that they will not take an "easy" way out Ex. it is all a dream, or everyone dies in the end, etc...

    this was all in an interview with damon lindelof several months below;title;14

  • I can completely get where taumel is coming from. The characters have less depth than a puddle of goat piss. I just get the impression that Im watching Beverly Hills with a small amount of action.
    TV is not that important for me to watch every single bad series that comes around. I mostly watch the news and try to ignore the other bollocks they show.
    Prison break is another good example of shallow goat piss. Nothing ever happens in it either, they just pose around and chatter for 45 minutes and at the end they find some new obstacle that pushes the action further on.

    Those are my humble opinions about those shows anyway. If you like them im not blaming you (i watched most of the episodes of Sunset beach), but they dont do the trick for me.

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