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$12.99 for The Great Cow Race!

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Did everyone see the news?

[quote]Effective immediately, all episodes in the Bone series that sell through Telltale's digital distribution channel will sell for $12.99, to align with current models in other entertainment media. [/quote]

This should be a bit easier to swallow for those who thought $20 was too high. :)

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  • [quote]But that's because Telltale already stole my heart and several other major body organs.[/quote]

    I saw those lying around the office this morning... I was wondering who they belonged to. :D

    EDIT: By the way, this was slipped in under the radar, but if you look at the product page you'll see that the CD price has been reduced to $17.99.

  • I'm insanely jealous of you and your new Telltale position (and Jake's and Doug's, too), doing whatever it is you're doing. How long until you're all designing games? ;) :D

  • End of the week probably. I just have to figure out how to make Dave and Heather "disappear". :D

    Err... did I just say that out loud?

    (Thanks, by the way. It is exciting, for all of us. :))

  • [quote]End of the week probably. I just have to figure out how to make Dave and Heather "disappear". :D[/quote]

    So that explains the flaming computers, I guess...

  • Hey, I had nothing to do with those! That was way before my time. :D

    *guards new computer with her life*

    Now if only I could get a decent chair... :))

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    hang on emily and jake have now joined telltale? thats awesome news..great work guys :D

  • Tabacco pwns these forums. He's the sheriff. But recently he's been spending most of his time not talking about cows.

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    Personally, I'm not as happy as some with the price change.

    I was expecting them to significantly increased play time (not by adding meaningless stuff or fillers but simply by making it longer with the same quality) on the range of 3x for the cow race. But now I suspect it'll just be about the same length. $13 for ~4 hours (rough estimate of the play time for the first episode) or $20 for 12 hours. I know which one I prefer.

    Of course, perhaps they'll still increase the play time. I guess by not as much but if they do increase it e.g. by 2x so we get $13 for 8 hours. In this case, the choice they made is clearly the better one. The lower price point ($13 vs $20) will help draw people to try out and buy game. And making it too long will perhaps increase development time by too much...

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    Jake Telltale Alumni

    In playtests the game has come out around twice as long, more for some people. Of course since this is an adventure game (and adventure games by nature move at whatever pace you do), the length of the game varies depending on whether or not you have a penchant for blasting through dialogue versus exploring every nook and cranny the game has to offer. That said, Cow Race is, on average, a significantly longer game than Out From Boneville, with more places to poke around in.

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