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Activation key for non-internet connected Pc?

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I paid for the Season Collection bundle, and downloaded the first episode on the school computer, since I don't have internet access at home on my "games" computer.

Is it at all possible to play more than the "demo" portion of Episode One without internet access? Can I "activate" the game from school, and then copy all extracted files to my home computer?

Please advise!

-- Ulic

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  • What I have had to do, and it may not work for you depending on whether or not you can even get dial-up running at home, is download the demo of the game on a fast connection, bring it home on a disk or flash drive, then run it on your home computer.

    Connect your home computer to the Internet via dial-up (see if you can do it free through your school - most have a dial-in pool, or maybe a library, or something. I'm in Moscow Russia and use a crummy internet phone card, but it works).

    When you run the demo, you can click the "I already bought this" option, enter you email and password, and it will activate quickly over the dial-up connection, as you've already downloaded the large amount of game content.

    Again, if you can't even get a phone connection working on you home computer, this won't help, but it's worked for me.

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    -- skip to the third paragraph for useful stuff --
    I just wanted to post to say that I'm in a similar position. The computer which I do my work and gaming on isn't connected to the interweb, and can't be easily (physical firewalls are the bestest).

    I do have other computers which can be either connected to the internet network or to my local network, and so what I did with ep1 is bridge the internet connection across one PC to actually activate Sam N Max on my gaming computer. Which wasn't ideal, but worked.

    That said, I believe that you can activate sam n max by emailing your hardware fingerprint to telltale's support. On the main screen, click 'Activation Support' and you'll get the info that you need. I'm not quite sure if it's TT's intention for this to be used to activate offline copies though...

    Hope this helps,


  • CJM's right. To activate on a computer that doesn't have an internet connection, click Activation Support and follow the instructions to get an activation key from us. Note that you have to click Activation Support on the same computer you're using for the game.

  • Does this mean that the ACTIVATION SUPPORT keys that I was given from the HARDWARE FOOTPRINT on my internet connected computer will not work if i tried to use them with the games installed on my OFF-LINE computer. Do I need to click ACTIVATION SUPPORT on my OFF-LINE computer to get the HARDWARE FINGERPRINT and then e-mail the usual details to get a NEW set of ACTIVATION KEYS to play the games on my OFF-LINE machine....?

    Sorry if this sounds long winded.....


  • When we send you an activation key based on the hardware fingerprint, it will only work on the computer with that hardware fingerprint. (So, it's tied to the computer.)

    If you want to run the game on a second computer, and the second computer does not have an internet connection, you need to click Activation Support on the second computer and send us the hardware fingerprint for that computer. We'll generate a new key that will work on the second computer.

    Hope that makes sense!

  • It does thanks....So If I E-mailed my HARDWARE FINGERPRINT for my OFF-LINE computer to you...Is it possible to receive ACTIVATION codes for all I have bought the UPGRADE yesterday. OR can you only give activation codes for the 3 EPISODES that have been released sofar?


  • [quote]OR can you only give activation codes for the 3 EPISODES that have been released sofar?[/quote]

    Only the ones that have been released so far, and I need you to check the hardware fingerprint for each episode because they're not always the same.

  • :o final question for now...

    SOOOOOOOOOOO,If my HARDWARE FINGERPRINTS are NOT all the same could I send all my HARDWARE FINGERPRINTS (3 and counting) in the same e-mail at once with my name, order number, and episode number.

  • Yep that's fine. Just make sure it's clear which fingerprint goes with which episode. :)

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