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Unable to unlock games

posted by TK-421 on - last edited - Viewed by 154 users

I downloaded the entire season of Wallace & Gromit, the second Sam & Max season, and the first four Tales of Monkey Island episodes, but so far I haven't been able to unlock any of them. I'm using Windows XP, and tried turning off my firewall without any luck. The error code I'm getting is CONNECTION_ERROR

I first wrote you about the problem last week, but never received a response (most likely because I used a different e-mail). I wrote another mail on Saturday (this time from the e-mail I use for my TellTale account), but so far you haven't responded to that one, either.

So please, if anyone has advice on how to proceed - or if I could just be sent the activation codes I requested in my mail - that would help me enormously.

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