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My idea on how a Grim Fandango episodic adventure could work!

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Alright say Telltale does go with the poll and start a Grim Fandango series. Great idea for making heaps more money, but bit risky when coming to story.
Well my idea is for the adventures to take place between when Manny gets to Rubacava and the start of Year 2. Stories involving Manny obtaining ownership of the club, meeting new people, competition etc.

Or the story somehow after Grim Fandango though bit risky.

All I can say is, if Manny will be in it, please telltale PLEEEEEEEEEEAASE get Tony Plana back to voice him. Wouldn't be the same. :(

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  • Nah, I don't think they should make a sequel and base it around any random tidbit of the Grim Fandango storyline. Remember, the basic story of the game was based on the four-year travel from death to eternal slumber in some Spanish / Mexican belief.

    IF they were to make a sequel, which I actually hope they don't, they'd have to base it on something as fundamental.

  • They should definitely leave Manny and his story in the Ninth Underworld. How about a new protagonist?

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