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When, If at all are Sam & Max making their way to the Wii?

posted by NuggsMalone on - last edited - Viewed by 113 users

I'm not sure If this has been talked about or not yet, so sorry if I'm bringing up old stuff. But I have heard rumors going around that Telltale might me making a game for the Wii. I could only hope that it be Sam & Max. Hell I don't even care if it is the episodes or a much more interactive wii version. Although it would be great to have a seperate game for the Wii. I can just imagine all the things you could do with the motion controls for a game like that, not to mention alot of other Telltale games.

Now I have yet to play any of the new episodes (I know, I should be shot)though I loved the original and still play it. I just know if I play one episode I will want them all, and in turn hate Telltale for not giving me all of them at once. So I will wait till they all come out at once.

Please if anyone has any info on this let me know.

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  • There's been no official announcement yet--I'd say the likeliest announcement times are at the upcoming Game Developers Conference, after the first Sam and Max season winds up on the PC, after they release CSI: Hard Evidence, at the new E3, or after they release Bone 3.

    Or completely random and out of the blue... (say, alongside their announcement for Sam and Max: Season Two or an announcement of a new series/license).

  • Well I don't think they want to make any announcements because people will say..ohh I wont buy the PC games I'll wait till they release it on the Wii.. The main focus right now is selling these Sam and Max episodes for the PC.. Once the season is complete I'm sure they will have a lot of options for different releases.

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