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Transfering Serials

posted by Muk on - last edited - Viewed by 547 users

Hey guys,

In case you were wondering what I was going to do with 4 pre-order TMI serials;
I pre-ordered TMI for three of my collegues since they don't have a credit card. However I'd very much like to transfer each of the 3 (I ordered 4 copies in total, one for myself included) spare serials to their account (and also add TMI to their 'bought games history list') so they can look it (including the download links) up in the future. Is this at all possible?

Also; during the instrallation I was never asked for a serial but they were. I guess the game took one of the serials linked to my account when I logged in after the installation. Is there a way to find out which serial was used?

I sent this out to support the week before TMI shipped but I'm guessing this got lost in the fuzz during launch :)

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    Jake Telltale Alumni

    I just skimmed through support and couldn't find a ticket from you ever. Did you get a reply from the automated system? If not, we might not have received it! If you could re-send an email to we'll take a look for you and help sort it out if we can! At a glance I don't know which of your serial numbers is activated and which are for your friends but the support guys should be able to find that out for you.

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    Hey Jake, thanks for the reply!

    Yeah I got an automated response so I guess something went wrong after that? Should I resend my email with the text from this thread and see if that helps?

  • Sorry to "hijack" this thread, but I'm in the same Situation, my ticket is


    Described the situation there, it is about the same as the thread starter's. Would be nice if that transferring could work out. I got an automated response the first time and then send another mail with some additional changes, stating my issue number, without getting another response of any type after that.

    Hope you can help me as well. Thanks in advance,


  • I really hate pushing old threads, but I wrote another mail and got another issue code: 19517
    about one month ago, but still no solution to this problem. Is there nothing I can do?


  • Erm, once again sorry for pushing this but well, still no solution or answer from anyone.
    Anybody here who was already informed with a solution by the support guys?

    Thanks for the info in advance, I'm really desperate so far.
    Will the pre-order DVD version at least be without account-linking, so, CD-key only, so I can give that as gift like intended at least?


  • Hi Muk, go ahead and resend the mail to or pm me directly. Please let me know the previous ticket number.

    Currently, there are no clean ways to "transfer" a serial to another. What you can do is purchase as a gift by putting the game in your cart and clicking the "gift" box under the product description in your cart. This will spit out a gift code, something like GIFT-1234-5678-9123, where the giftee will have to redeem at when you're ready to give it up to them.

    For RealZero, please check your pm's. I sent you the threads of our earlier replies. If you need further help, please pm me with your concerns.


  • would be great if you guys would figure out a way to transfer serials, i have bone 1+2 and w&g 1+2 twice.

  • Hi Cyphox,
    There are no easy ways to "transfer" the serials. Our systems just weren't set up to do that. We will look into this feature for the future when upgrading systems and such. Probably to be on the wish list for 2010?

    Send me a msg through support or pm about your extra bones, and we'll talk.


  • Is the serial transfer thing still a problem? When I ordered my free TOMI dvd, I also purchased the deluxe edition (in addition to the standard one) for a friend of mine; since it was added in its full price, I taught everything was alright and completed the order; there was no "buy as a gift" box.
    So now I have two serials for TOMI, one of which I'd like to transfer (if possible) to my friend account.

  • Yeah I'm having the same problem they told me theres no way to give it to anyone else.. I think this is really stupid.. What's to stop us just giving the manual unlock key to them? They can still download it from the website it just wont have it on their account. Surely they can create a new key and disable the one we have been given? I dunno..

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