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So based on the "When will 'I wonder what happens... 105' be released?" thread there's been a lot of hype over an "I Wonder What Happens..." for Majus' upcoming video. There's even another thread full of awesome people who are planning a project similar to this one.

I do stress similar due to the fact that unlike what most people would expect from an IWWH...this is not in fact a video project. No, once I realized that people were serious about IWWHIIWWHITOMIROTPG, I decided to take a different approach to it. Something a bit more interactive.

So I quickly commissioned my friend Ben to help me with this "super quick miniproject". Of course both of us being absurd as we are decided to take the thing far more seriously than entirely necessary, and it wasn't long before Ben had produced this mock-up:

stupiddddd.pngNEW: (as far as you know but not really :p)

The game has been designed using the Adventure Game Studio engine by Chris Jones. I myself programmed the game (within the AGS engine of course). Ben (a fellow AGSer) has done all the artwork. And we've even gotten a couple of voice actors signed up.

This is a super awesome fan game of a fan video of a licensed game series based on characters created in an original game series from the '90s. :D

Current project members include:

monkey_05_06 (T, A) - Project lead, scripting, design, dialogues
Ben304 (A) - Graphics, testing, puzzle design
Maxilyah (T) - Voice acting (Morgan), testing, puzzle design, dialogues
Icedhope (T) - Voice acting (LeChuck, ###), testing
puzzlebox (T) - Voice acting (Elaine, narrator)
Secret Fawful (T) - Voice acting (Guybrush), testing
Calin Leafshade (A) - Voice acting (Winslow)
m0ds (A) - Music
hplikelike (T) - Sound Effects
Sylvr (A) - Testing
tbm1986 (T) - Testing
[ Arj0n ] (A) - BETA tester
Silverwolfpet (T, A) - BETA tester
Skarnet (T) - BETA tester
Gadesa (T) - BETA tester
Edward VanHelgen (T) - BETA tester
PolloDiablo (T) - BETA tester

T - TellTale forum member, A - AGS forum member
Unless otherwise noted "testing" indicates testing during alpha development stage.

Credit for the original plotline of this game goes to StLouisRibs (T) who came up with this script, which was the concept from which this game was built. Mad props to StLouisRibs for this.

Oh, also this, from a PM:

[quote=Majus]Hey monkey!

You are a hero! I think it’s brilliant that you want to make IWWHIIWWHITOMIROTPG, and what a chatchy short name![/quote]

It is time.

That's right people! The moment you've been waiting for since practically forever has finally come! IWWHIIWWHITOMIROTPG: The Game! is finally here!

There are still some things that I'd like to be able to do to this game, so there's a good chance that this might still be updated with changes in the future, but you've all been asking for it, so here it is:

Download (full game) (35.43 MB)
Download (no speech) (1.47 MB)
Speech file download (33.96 MB)
Alternate Download README
Mirror on MegaUpload (Thanks [ Arj0n ]!)

I included the game without speech for those either without speakers or who just simply prefer the game that way or have slower connections. The speech file is also available as a standalone download in case you grabbed the wrong file. Just put it in the same folder as the game.

Controls are:

Arrow keys/Num Pad/WASD: Movement
Left click: Interact/talk to/look at (interacts wherever applicable)
Right click: Look at
Ctrl+Q/Ctrl+C/Alt+X: Quit game

There's also been some rumours circulating about some type of "cheat codes" so keep an eye out for those as well.

Enjoy the game folks!


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  • @Nachtnebel said: I can totally speak english with an Austrian accent.

    Mainly by virtue of being a native Austrian.

    Yeah, but - for an Arnie parody you'd actually need someone who can speak english with a Styrian accent... :D

    (Reminds me of that scene in 2012 where we see him on TV proclaiming that everything is okay, with John Cusack telling his ex-wife who is agreeing with him: "That guy is an actor!" immediately followed by the destruction of California... :D)

  • Wow, even I was surprised by this. I thought you'd do something like a picture show when you said "different". You passed my expectations tenfold!

  • can't wait. great screenshot. but why in 320x240? these days, 'old school' could be in 640x480 :D

  • Nice!!! :D
    I think you just pushed the fandom to another level!
    This is why MI fans are like no other!

    Here is what I think (or hope) will happen in "I wonder what happens in I wonder what happens in Tales of Monkey Island Episode Five; The Rise of The Pirate God"
    It starts up with Manny Calavera "Grim-reaping" Guybrush at Flotsam Island where he dies by the hand of Lechuck.
    Then the chapter screen comes up, and the game cuts to the Land of The Dead.

    In the Land of the dead, dead-Guybrush and Manny teams up with the original soul of Murray and the original soul of Morgan.
    Together they must find a way to defeat the zombie pirate LeChuck once and for all!

    Wishful thinking you say? I know.. :)

    Anyways... Can't wait to try this game!!

  • Well this looks like a nice thing - I think alot of the games made with AGS are pretty cool (I really like the robotradegy but I think this project could change my favorite).

    If possible could you include something christmasy? I really got in the christmas mood when S&M Ice Station Santa came out...I think it was around christmas anyway.

    Best of luck with the project I will definently play the game


  • I am honored for my thread to be posted on such a brilliant projects. :) I want this game as soon as it's out! Looks like we're going back under Monkey Island...?

  • Whoa music by m0ds! That dude's been at this for ages. Can't wait to play this. I love that Tales and its associated content has spawned two separate meta adventure game projects (this super meta project of yours, and the I Wonder What Happens guys' Halloween Contest entry).

  • @Jake said: Whoa music by m0ds! That dude's been at this for ages. Can't wait to play this. I love that Tales and its associated content has spawned two separate meta adventure game projects (this super meta project of yours, and the I Wonder What Happens guys' Halloween Contest entry).

    Let's all give TTG and ToMI one big hand!!

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