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IncGamers interview with Dave Grossman

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Hi all, blogged a fantastic IncGamers interview with Dave Grossman. It's too good to miss!

Grossman makes some very interesting comments on the episodic format and the integration of feedback (apparently they gave Winslow some extra little appearances after he met with a positive fan response).

Well worth a read!

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  • Sam and Max Season Three. I can't think of any other thing that makes sense.

  • I can think of a lot of things... But S&M:3 would tickle me pink.

  • Very nice interview. However, the guy who wrote the interview up mixed up the words "serious" and "series" in the following passage:

    One of the things I note about it is that although Monkey is really funny on the surface, the underlying stories are usually kind of series

  • Maybe they got to use another one of LucasArts adventure games...

    Hopes for Maniac Mansion 3 :D

  • Nice one. Good questions and Dave responded to them well. Even if he did get a bit quiet at the end! XD

    I was particularly interested about the production side of it. I'd been wondering how they made the chapters and how all that worked. Still, all that hard work pays off - great series so far and am looking forward to finale to see how things wrap up!

  • [quote=Interview]So it's safe to assume you're working on something else as you're wrapping up episode five. Are you -

    We're working on all kinds of stuff over here! It's a beehive of activity.

    Anything you'd care to tell us?

    Umm, no, not really. Keeping it all under the hat for now.

    Any announcements we can -

    Chris says you'll be hearing something soon.


    [Chris Schmidt shouts from the distance] Soon![/quote]

    I'm still waiting for that announcement! Come on Chris, it's been like a week!

    Found this new interview with Dave Grossman. Click.

    Here's a quote from that interview:

    "For much of the season, we’ve seen LeChuck as a “normal” human. Now that he’s back to his old self, it’s Guybrush’s turn to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes - specifically, as a deceased person, which is familiar territory for LeChuck. Things get a little weird and LeChuck definitely has the upper hand. Naturally, events are going to come to a head and there is going to be a showdown, and it will be time for all the characters to work out just where they stand."

  • Edit: Nevermind, should have read the previous post completely.

  • hum, u can think I´m crazy but I think he meant to say that we WILL control another character, i´m sure of it :P
    his hand maybe, or sweet elaine...

  • @Thespis said: Edit: Nevermind, should have read the previous post completely.

    Man, now I'm curious.

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