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Can I just get a discount on the full season?

posted by Karl on - last edited - Viewed by 130 users

It seems like every release it takes like 2-3 weeks for the episode to be released on Amazon while this site and steam already have it..

I've already paid for the first three episodes of TOMI. Can I just get a discount on the full season here? :/

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  • Unfortunately, Karl, we can only give upgrades to customers who have purchased directly through the store. There is a benefit by going direct. Sorry.

  • The 'benefit of going direct' is felt most strongly by whoever makes the sale at the end of the day. If Telltale DID honor previous purchases and offer upgrades to people who could supply valid Amazon, Steam or Wiiware receipts, they'd make even more money and you wouldn't have a zombie army of sad casual gamers roaming the internet who were feeling ripped off.

    I'm in Australia. So far I've purchased three episodes of ToMI and four episodes of Strong Bad. At AU$15 a pop through Wiiware, I'm now feeling completely ripped off for being a loyal customer. If Telltale came back to me and said, 'ooh, we can see you like our products and have spent much money that we only saw a little bit of. Here, come and shop with us! We can give you the last two episodes for $20 as a thank-you because, well, we like money and you like the games!' I would be very happy.

    Sales don't always encourage purchases. Sometimes sales encourage stabby feelings. Snappy lines like 'There is a benefit by going direct' almost make me wish I'd never stumbled across these fantastic games.

  • 10 episodes at AU$15 each, AU$150. The exchange rate today says that's just under US$160.
    10 episodes in your store, US$70.

    I came to this website to get myself a copy of the Wallace and Gromit episodes for Christmas. But then I found out there was a special club where if you were in the know to start with, you got a severely reduced price. I'm not in the club. Can I be in the club? Bonnie's tone in the message above mine makes me think I might be in for some tough crackers :(

  • Hello Cheeseham, your name makes me hungry so forgive me if I salivate a little,

    Do not consider this as a "special club" scenario, it is far from it. Our distribution partners have very different ways of handling purchases, promotions and upgrades, so it can be tricky doing cross-partner transactions. Rest assured, if there WAS a club, you'd be invited post haste, and as it stands we're happy to have you here where we can offer you the best deals without any of the red tape.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to private message me here and we'll get you all comfortable with the Telltale way of doing things.

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