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Why this fascination with Winslow?

posted by XuGator on - last edited - Viewed by 582 users

I really don't get what the hype is with this guy. Every other post on here is about how awesome he is. What has he done to warrant this type of appeal? I find him rather forgettable and not entertaining in the least.

This guy doesn't hold a candle to the Marquis - yet De Singe doesn't seem to get the love that he rightfully deserves. The Marquis is one of the best characters in any monkey island game. He is very entertaining and funny as hell. Yet when I come to these boards all I hear about is Winslow.

De Singe makes this game and without him it would be inferior. You could substitute anyone for Winslow and it would be just as fun. Hell you could make Dinghy Dog the captain of the ship and he would probably be more memorable than Winslow.

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