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Dialog-tree bug at Sybil (ep.4 spoiler)

posted by fajerkaos on - last edited - Viewed by 285 users

I just wanted to tell you guys about a bug I found:

When I had given' the flyer to sybil, and then talks to max at Sybils place, it were to many talking options, and that mean that the last (lets get back to work")-option is unavailable to choose, and then you're stuck. talking to Max for a eternity to come... And the only way to get out of it, is the classic Ctrl-Alt-Del option.

I dont care that much about it (accept I had to shut the game, and start over from last save-slot ofcourse), but it seems easy to fix (I guess that just removing one line after choosing it cant be that hard?) , so I just wanted to tell you about it.

I really hope that nobody else already said this in some other thread, making this one useless :p

Edit: Or maybe this is all done with purpose? To bring back the ultra-mega-fun of the old Sierra games? :D

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