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I, Rat Creature

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Greetings Everyone,

I feel like a bit of an outsider here, Iam not quite forum-savvy. Well lets face it, Iam not exactly computer literate either (I have a sharp stick and a cave wall at home). But before I ramble much further, let me introduce myself....

My name is Brian Sommer, and Iam the voice over artist that plays one of the Rat Creatures in the upcomming Bone Game. (I play the gray one....the one WITHOUT the quiche fetish. The one you hear in the trailer....."Look who joined us for dinner).

I went to the website recently and took a look at the trailer. It still floors me how these brilliant artists can take "ones and zeros" and create such a beautiful three dementional environment. Really great stuff. My hats off to all the folks at Tell Tale.

So while I was visiting the site, I took a peek at the forums. I must say, you guys are a very spirited bunch. I applaude anyone that has such passion and protection for characters and stories that they hold dear. I just hope that we were able to due justtice to the images in your heads. It is definately tough to be the person to voice a character that has such a following, that has never been voiced before. When ever you READ a novel or comic, you always develope your own take on the characters sound and personality. So when some guy comes around and actually voices that character, many times, it does not match the "voices in your head" (Iam not making any psychological acqusations here!!!). A short trailer is sometimes not the best way to judge what the character will ultimately turn out to be. But again, I really appreciate such passion and commitment to the 'protection' of the characters by some of you.

When it is all said and done, I hope you all enjoy the experience. And if I have had a small hand (lets make that "vocal chord") in the overall experience, then I am truly pleased.

All my best.


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  • [quote] I hope the answers were entertaining, if not informative. [/quote]

    Success! On both fronts.

    Yeah, "slowed down", that is how the rat creature's voice sounded. I couldn't quite describe it, myself. It's only just a little bit noticeable. And the more I listen to it, the more I realize it's nowhere near as altered as they could have made it. I thought it might have been a bit more complicated than that, but, hehe... I don't really know all that much about sound production anyway. It wasn't really covered in my Theatre Arts classes at college. Unfortunately. :p

    So, yes, welcome to Telltale and such. Make sure they give you a free download/activation of the game. And don't be a stranger around here, y'hear? :D


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    Hiya, Brian.

    Nice of you to stop by. This is the kind of interaction many of us would like to see more of I think. Fun and informative posts from involved parties. Great!

    Short question (if you should keep popping by):
    Did you know the Bone comic before getting involved with this game?

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    Heatherlee Telltale Staff

    [quote]Well if this IS actually the guy... hi there.


    I am pleased to vouch for Brian here. He is in fact one of our actual rat creatures. Er...rat creature voices that is. And the brave fellow even volunteered to post here!

    Thank you very much for doing so, Brian.

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    Why, hello there!
    Nice to see some of the people involved in the game dropping by the forums to talk to the fans/gamers.

    Good job on the voice by the way Brian, sounds evil, but not in the same old cliche way, maybe slighly more dumbed down. I get the impression your character isn't a goon, but far from a merciless mastermind either.


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    Hi, Brian! I am one of the ones who never really envisioned the rat creature's voice like that, but I really like what you're doing with it (although it does sound slowed down)! Thanks for posting here, it's always nice to talk to those actually working on what we're all so desperate to play!

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    Swashbuckler, I must admit, I had never heard of the Bone Comics before I was attatched to the project. But since then, I have bought two of the hard back books and LOVE them. When I heard about the auditions, I did do a little research a the boneville website, just to see what the characters were all about.

    Which brings us to SMNMX and Robopenguins comments. I would agree that the Rat Creature is just a hair higher on the evolution scale from a 'thug', and well below that of the criminal 'mastermind'. I really love playing the bad guys. They are usually the most interesting of all the characters because of their duality. Most of the villians or henchmen have that very powerful evil side, but almost always there is a certain insecurity to them that can rear its ugly head. In the case of the Rat Creature, it seems that thier incompetence can be their downfall. I was just looking at the 'specs' given at the audition (I saved the script). It says, "....when hunting and fighting they are single-mindedly vicious......they are not completely stupid, but rather exhibit an extremely transparent cunning and often lack good judgement......they argue amongst themselves.....Pouty, whiney, and vicious, and can switch from one mood to the next very quickly." That is a fun character to read!!!!

    One of my favorite parts in the script (taken from the book) is when the two Rat Creatures are bickering about how to cook fone. My character, frustrated with arguing in front of the soon-to-be meal, turns to fone and asks him to come back in 30 mins when they will have the argument squared away! Effectively letting the 'meal' escape. Thats good stuff.

    For those of you who heard the character differently. Would you mind sharing your thoughts on what they might have sounded like. Iam curious what your take is. Share the 'voices in your head'.

    Take care,


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    I had much less of a "monstery" idea of the character. Pretty generic, now I think about it.

  • I guess the voice in my head was more pure evil and had more groveling/puffing/wheezing in it. like some mindless predator with a hiss at the end of each sentence. not sounding stupid, but more just "ok, i'm evil. it's not my fault i'm bad at it, but atleast it's in my nature, and my voice is built for evil". I kinda whinced a little the first time I heard the ratcreature voice, but I'm sure I'll grow accustomed to it. Hard to judge from just a small clip anyways, but it sounded like quality voice acting, not reading from a papersheet, having no interest in the character, which is probably most important anyways.

    That being said, i'm REALLY looking forward to seeing what you've done to these characters, and what i heard in the trailer didn't dissapoint, apart from the aforementioned "stupid stupid" line, which did seem a little bland (maybe taken out of context, who knows). Now if we just get that voiceactor here too, the chaos can commence. Uhm, I digress. My point being that whatever voices people have in their heads or ideas of how the gameplay/voices/characters are supposed to act/blabla, there's no surefire way. Just a question of quality vs. quantity. You can't please everyone, and people should just enjoy the ride, even if they live and breathe Bone (I don't. I do actually look up from the comicbooks once in a while to post on this here internet forum). Surely going in with too much or too little expectations can be bad, but understanding that you can't have it exactly as you had envisioned it in your head anyways, is a nice start. The worst that could happen is that the rare occurence where the product tops what you envisioned.

    Oh, yeah. I forget. Hi. Apignarb here. Nice rant eh? Now I'll let you other guys talk again.

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    Describing voices is painfully difficult for me, but I always imagined rat creatures having 'higher' voices than in the trailer. Something akin to Gary Oldman, even though not exactly that.

    Still, now that I think of Fifth Element and that phonecall Oldman's character receives, I understand why I refer to him. While otherwise the characeter isn't terribly applicable, the style of voice certainly was fairly close to what my view(?) of the rat creature duo voices is.

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    Well, there you have it! Two very different opions on the voice from unikki and apignarb. Both points presented well. And that folks brings up one of my favorite sayings....."That is why Crayons come in a box of 64". Someone might want Orange, while another wants Burnt Umber. But as long as we stay in the lines, it should work out just fine.

    Thanks again for the comments and for giving your reasons why. As a voice over artist, i really am interested in what the opinions of the audience are. I hope the premiere will not disappiont.

    Looking forward to more chat.


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