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Sam & Max Episode 1 - Windows Restart

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Hi there,

first of all AMAZING JOB! Actually I wanted to wait till episode 6 was out but I was unable to resist and I bought all of them right now :_P

well must say I am really happy to see (finally) a new Point and Click Adventure Game that brings me up some good memories...and tbh I am really pleased that Sam & Max still Hit the Road guys...not to be polemic but LA can keep playing with Star Wars and clever ppl keep (instead) developing and creating new games.

Adventure Games FTW!!! :_)

ok now the sad part (and the subject of this thread): I have a "small" prob with the game sometimes (specially when I change location) my Computer just restarts, I have a Pentium 4 3,80 with 1gb Ram and an Intel Integrated video card (an Intel 82915G/GV/910GL Express Chipset Family, that as far as i have seen is in the list) with Windows XP Prof SP 2.

Any idea why it happens?

More info: it happens when i am in the office and i try to open up the option menu and when i get out of it and move to the road.

Edit: sorry if someone already asked but i was too lazy to search for it heheheh

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  • it looks like my problem will stay unsolved :_(

  • well I found this:

    and it looks like there is no's completely random it happens when I change location and/or I click on the option gear.

    is there no way to disable the AutoSave option?

    Btw I tried to update the Graphic/Sound Car drivers but I have a stupid Dell GX280 and their release does not have the latest version and I am unable to install those provided by Intel.

    Please guys playing like this is a pain in the neck...I don't want to ruin my experience because of a bug...

  • nooooooooo!! :eek: :eek:

    the fact that my GC is on the list means that the game wont work and not the inverse...

    :( :( :( :( :( :(

  • OK i am f&*$ed, despite the problem i kept having i continued to play...and i have reached the point of "no return": i go to Sybel's Office to get the plan and everytime i get out the game just crashes and windows restarts (even if i try to save before geting out)...

    is it possible to have any sort of answer?

    is there the possibility to remove the Auto-Save option (each time i leave a location)? and why the hell the GC causes the restart of the whole OS? what's the link between saving and the GC?! i would understand if the game wont start at all...but like this looks like a little bit crappy.


  • I had the same problem (windows restarted when entering new areas) and I simply installed the driver recommended in the support faq. Since then I encountered no problem at all and am happy to play the most enjoyable game in years.


  • Eek... I'm sorry no one answered this question. I was sure I responded to it when you first posted to tell you that your video card was probably the problem, but apparently I didn't. I'm really sorry.

    Are you a Season 1 customer or did you just buy episode 1? A change has been made to how the auto saves work starting with episode 3 that could possibly fix the problem you're having, but you'd have to unlock the full episode to find out. Please email and reference this thread and I'll get you set up.

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