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  • wow!
    Awesome! This should be a sticky :D

  • @Diduz said: Following this route, the Big Whoop in MI2 was just another trap to keep Guybrush and LeChuck fighting forever?

    Seriously, we already got the mystery behind MI2 ending, why adding other mayhem to the mayhem?

    The things ATMachine wrote could've been explained at the end of Rise of the Pirate God. THAT would have made Rise REALLY shine.
    As it is, I can't get Telltale's strategy on the final (?) episode.

    I don't think the Voodoo Lady was actually in complete control of both LeChuck and Guybrush all the time. Instead she just sort of gives things a nudge to keep them going in the right direction (ie. in a circle). Also, the MI2 ending isn't really much of a mystery, it seems to me like it was made pretty clear with the post-credits scene with Elaine that Guybrush was just under some spell of LeChuck's.

  • Wow I indicated in earlier threads that I didn't like the story but after reading that - if Telltale actually planned all that - then the story is amazing.

    Although I noticed a lot of the plot points the author noted, I failed to construct it as coherently as he did. In other words, I had no earthly idea what the fuck was going on in Episode 5.

    Did anyone else feel the same way, or am I just an idiot? :confused:

    Edit: If this is accurate, which I am fairly certain it is, then it should be stickied.

  • This gives the story some structure, sure, but a lot of it is conjecture.

  • This is a great discovery. The Voodoo lady thing COULD REALLY BE the secret of Monkey Island.

    Now the question is... Why is she interested in an eternal fight? What's good for her in it? What's bad for her if it ends?

  • Wait, how does Elaine suddenly know so much? Starting from that the cutlass is a failure?

    And I'm still thinking she thought Guybrush needed the ring, but didn't know exactly when or how. >: )

  • The conclusions I draw contain some degree of conjecture, true, but all the things I have conjectured are reasonable inferences, based on clues scattered throughout TMI. If you can make the Master Plans map to the game plot equally well with an alternative explanation, however, feel free.

  • Terrible apologies for double-posting, but I ought to add this further clarification on my earlier remarks.

    EDIT: This post was full of speculation I have since had to revise. Sorry!

  • As interesting as that story is, your version of events would require Elaine to have a vast knowledge of Voodoo magic, which I doubt she has. If she does know all about these voodoo spells, then Telltale should attempt to explain how she learned about them all without Guybrush noticing his wife's interest in the occult. Although Elaine always does have a plan, I have a hard time accepting that she was that well informed.

  • @thehardmenpath said: This is a great discovery. The Voodoo lady thing COULD REALLY BE the secret of Monkey Island.

    The secret of Monkey Island was in that box on the thief's table. Pity it got destroyed by the sponge.


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