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Ep4 crash (formerly "It's getting worse")

posted by dr_debil on - last edited - Viewed by 1.9K users

seems like the programmers are making progress... :D in episode 4 i can't even see the intro. it crashes right after pushing the launch button...

episode 1 works without any problems... 2,3,4 don't. why the hell did you modify the engine???

THIS SUCKS!!!:mad:

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  • If this is any help. I have been unable to get past the S&M splash screen without it completely locking me up and causing a system reboot ever since I upgraded to the latest nVidia drivers (93.71?). This also now happens with all the previous episodes that i've already completed!

  • Yeah, it really sounds like the 93.71 drivers don't like whatever Telltale is doing with D3D. Something's most likely returning NULL, and the code near 0x750000 isn't handling that case.

  • 93.71 does seem to be a common element. However, it didn't help me to go back to old 66.93, so there does seem to be more to the story than that. Perhaps 93.71 included a video bios update (that wouldn't be downgraded with the drivers) that's causing problems?

    Skell454, if you're interested, can you try an older driver version to see if S&M goes back to working? If you have System Restore enabled, it can undo the 93.71 installation if it happened recently.

  • Hey dr_debil - I'm glad the games are working for you in Vista!

    Is that the only thing you changed? The rest of your system specs stayed the same?

    Also, thanks guys for playing around with the drivers. I wouldn't be surprised if a driver issue contributed to this, so it's helpful that you're experimenting. Tomorrow I'll check and see which drivers I'm using on my work machine, since those seem to be working okay.

  • @Emily said: As I've said several times before, anyone who doesn't want to wait for these problems to get figured out (which would be completely understandable) can request their money back and we'll take care of it immediately. I know it's not as good a solution as getting the games to run for you, but frankly it's a better solution than you'd get from a lot of other companies.

    Who do I contact to get my money back? I've paid for a full season that I can't play at all.

  • Steve, just send an email to with your order number (or some other info we can use to locate the order, such as the email address you used or your first/last name) and we will take care of the refund right away.

  • Thanks Emily. I sent an email just now. I plan on re-purchasing once the Episodes work 100% with Vista, but until then, I could use the $34.95 on other things.

  • If any of the folks who are having problems with restarts have minidump logs generated from them (c:\windows\minidump - look for files with recent dates), I would be happy to take a look at them if you can upload them. If you have 5 or so from the date(s) that you've been having crashes then this will help narrow the problem down even more.

    I have no idea how Vista handles crashes so I probably won't be able to help with anyone running it.

  • hi emily,

    no i didn't change anything else on my system.
    just the operating system... no crashes anymore now.

    nevertheless i have to tell you that i've got performance problems as they're mentionend in others threads with episode 2 and 3. (jerky graphics)

    but i'm happy that i can play them at all.


  • I have the 97.73 93.71 drivers on my computer at work (the card is a Geforce 7600) and am not getting a crash, but that doesn't mean the drivers couldn't cause problems with different cards. I'll check it out on my machine at home, and if anyone has better luck with a different driver, let us know.

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