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Wondercon/GDC 2007?

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So anybody here was/is/is-going-to-be at Wondercon/GDC 2007?

How was/is it like? Anything exciting or fun to report?

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  • Hey any of you guys go to the Phil Harrison/Sony Keynote? It sounds impressive (so far)

  • No, but I did go to the awards tonight, and I'm going to Miyamoto's keynote tomorrow morning. I'm a little disappointed that Gears of War won for art, though. I really think that should have gone to Okami or Viva Pinata.

  • Here's a good rundown of the GDC/IGF awards, including the appearances by Sam and Max.

    Heh... Surprisingly, the Joystiq guys are upset that Sam and Max lost to Zelda..

  • Anyone at Video Games Live? They had four guys from LucasArts come on and play some old classic songs from Outlaws, Grim Fandango, and Monkey Island. It was awesome! The only name I can remember is Mike Land.

  • Lemme guess... Michael Land, Peter McConnell, Clint Bajakian and uh... some other guy. :P

  • @Haggis said: Lemme guess... Michael Land, Peter McConnell, Clint Bajakian and uh... some other guy. :P

    Yeah that sounds about right.

  • Here's what looks to be a rough transcript of the Digital Distribution of Games panel at SXSW, which Dan Connors participated in:

    Very rough "1st-draft of minutes"-like transcript; here are pertinent parts that I found (I will paraphrase/edit when necessary):

    Dan: we have recently launched latest episode. first it is broadcast as part of subscription model, then sold on the website and then at the end of the season we will package it up into a single product. we are spending and making money at the same time. we have top of mind presence from releasing things on the web.

    Q: you will sell at stores?

    Dan: yes, we have a relationship with a publisher.

    Q: Regarding open and closed distribution platforms, what do you consider the pros and cons of each?

    Dan: on open platforms, conversion costs are low. but it competes a lot. On the closed sites, then you have a high conversion user. On a PC, average on everything including casual [is] 1-2% and xbox live is about 20%. On [PC], its found more randomly. On xbox they are looking for something particular so higher conversion. but you can't set up how you get presented etc. there’s not a lot of products on closed system yet and it will change - so how do you get noticed in the future. there’s not as much freedom to advertise yourself.

    Now I don't exactly understand Dan's answer regarding piracy here, but it looks interesting (I also don't understand the context--the question immediately before was about piracy, so the question could be about lower resistance to piracy or lower resistance to purchasing).

    Q: is there a lower resistance if in a episodic structure?

    Dan: it’s a low price point, very web friendly. as they come back regularly, you can tell if they are pirating as well.

  • @numble said: Looks like there was a Telltale party that even had a famous grumpy gamer in attendance:

    (Scroll down for the Telltale/other-Gilbert stuff)

    I'm a grumpy gamer? Perhaps we Gilberts have that in common.

    Anyway, it was awesome meeting you all. Roll on GDC 2008!

    edit: /me reads the post in question and goes D'UH!

  • I was there, and got hugged by half the Telltale staff. Ha!

  • I was there but I only ran into intern Nick at the IGF booth. Had no idea the telltale party was on Tuesday night otherwise I would have flown in earlier!

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