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INTERVIEW - Jared Emerson-Johnson (DeSinge) - exclusive on TalesofMI Blog!

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Well, you asked for it! :D

And just because I keep posting these threads here, on the Telltale forum, I'll also post a part of the interview that was not posted on TalesofMI Blog. Just like that, to "split" the "exclusiveness". :p
In case you're wondering what's up with that, this is what I chose to ask Jared instead of what some of you wanted me to ask him (those guilty know who they are). HA! Asking Nicki Rapp if she thinks I'm as handsome as Guybrush is one thing... but... c'mon! You guys are crazy!

SWP: If you saw Majus' Flashmovie Series, "I wonder what happens in Tales of Monkey Island", in episode four I actually try to play DeSinge, your character (don't kill me). Should I add that to my demo reel or totally forget being a voice actor for Telltale?

JEJ: I did see it, actually. The whole team was passing it around for a good week after you first posted it. Bravo! I think it's absolutely fantastic. You should get a vo agent!

SWP: If you saw my tributes to you and your team, would you say that I am as interesting-for-science-study as Guybrush (or Guybrush's poxed hand)?

JEJ: :-) I did see them—very well done! You are a goofball. In all seriousness, these movies are a great example of why I love the MI fanbase so much. It really seems like these games appeal to people in a way that spurs huge amounts of excellent creative energy.
That said, I would never wish DeSinge's "scientific" study upon anyone, least of all on someone who loves these games as much as you obviously do!
(Oh, I especially love the little bleeps bit from Sam & Max at the start of the third tribute). That tune has an amusing history that always makes me smile.

Read the rest of the interview on TalesofMI Blog!

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