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Haven't gotten a respone to my email. Collectors DVD, bought as Gift, bought too many

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I have a couple questions regarding my recent purchase of Tales of Monkey Island.

First, I did not realize that downloading the game (Tales of Monkey Island) allows me
to put it onto multiple computers ( I want it on my laptop and desktop computer),
so I ended up buying two copies when I didn't need to. Is there any chance
I can have one copy refunded?

Also,I would like my Tales of Monkey Island purchase to be a gift.
What would selecting it as a gift have done? Also, is it too late to make my purchase
into a gift?

Lastly, how do I go about getting the collectors DVD for my
purchase of the Tales of Monkey Island. I couldn't seem to figure out how
to get that from your website.

Thanks so much,

Robin Mahony

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  • Hi Robin,
    When did you send the request in to Please pm me with your order numbers, and we'll get the process going.

    The collector's disc for ToMI is not yet a product. It's in production now. All season subscribers will get notification when we're ready to ship and it will be then you can order it.


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