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Monkey island. Macbook. Parellels. Windows 7. Help!

posted by Theo Davies on - last edited - Viewed by 634 users

OK, yes - before anyone has a go at me - I have spent hours searching the forum trying to find advice that works with no avail!
I have a April born Aluminum mac book with a new parallels and a clean version of Windows 7.

I downloaded the game, - all fine.
Opened the game - TTG box comes up, launch the game and then that wonderful and oh so common "MonkeyIsland101.exe has stopped working".

my drivers have been updated, the cames been opened with various different compatibility modes, on 32 bit color depth, at various different resolutions, but no. Its not playing ball.

I've also tried running it on Crossover game trial with no avail. Roughly the same thing happens - apart from the "stopped working" it says that the program has a vital error and must close. The furthest it gets is to a little picture of a skull and crossbones in the middle of the screen then....... GONE.

I have also tried uninstalling and re downloading, but theres no change.

Any Ideas? (apart from get a PC!)



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