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Portrait of Morgan LeFlay

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I didn't like Morgan in the beginning of Tales at all and remember wishing she would make a single-episode-appearance only. But as the story unfolded, I grew accustomed to her as the depth of her character was revealed. And though I was all "Guybrush, stick with Elaine!" throughout the entire time, I'm glad another woman made it into his adventures and into the world of Monkey Island.

Morgan's now all traileriffic, too:

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  • @Friar said: Wow, amazing video!. It really portrays her evolution as a character. Part of me wishes that Guybrush had gotten together with her.

    I wasn't sure what to make of their relationship until she knocked him out on the Screaming Narwhal at the end of Lair. That's when I was sure they wouldn't. Morgan doesn't know what the sense of her life is yet (the Voodoo Lady takes advantage of that by giving her a new task).
    Morgan is afraid to show her weak side which includes admitting that she's actually in love with Guybrush, so for that reason alone things just wouldn't have worked out between them (Guybrush's clearly to dorky to get the signals) :D)

  • Outstanding video, when it said back in season 2...i was like eh? has it been confirmed...then it said hopefully lol....i did noticed one thing in the video,for some people who havent completed chapter 5, there is a slight spoiler, but i guess how you mixed it in, i doubt people will notice

  • Wow, that was excellent! I hope the team gets a look at this.

  • That was excellent! It really highlighted the dramatic core of the series, well done!

  • Yes, you did it quite well and without any real bias.

  • Awesome Mermaid!

    Have you seen Nicki's comment?s Brilliant.

  • @Toothless Gibbon said: Awesome Mermaid!

    Have you seen Nicki's comment?s Brilliant.

    Yep, just read it. Glad she likes it as well. ;-)

    I'm thinking of doing another one, but I'm lacking inspiration right now..

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