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Manual unlock request [issue-25180]

posted by Rabbity Thing on - last edited - Viewed by 95 users

Hey gang, happy holidays!!

I sent an email request for manual unlock codes for TOMI chapters 2 through 5. (We finished playing chapter 1 and we MUST HAVE MORE!!)

Like last time, I received an automated response but no follow-through. It's only been 2-3 days, and I know you guys are super busy right about now. However, since it was a technical problem last time and the email never reached me, I thought I would see if it's the same situation this time. Not trying to rush anyone.

Thanks again for all the great technical support you guys provide. If you can send those unlock codes, we look forward to being able to continue Guybrush's adventures over the Christmas holiday (I get a four-day weekend and want to make the most of the family time... yes, my wife and I have played all the episodic Telltale games together as a team! Is that cheesy or what?)

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