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The Legendary Monkey Island FanArt

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For those of you who were not a part of the Monkey Island community back in the days, there was a lot of fanart, as can be seen here

I don't know about you guys but I got inspired right away when I saw the Tales of Monkey Island footage and I've been sketching like a madman the past two days.

Any artists in here? I'm curious if we'll see some new ecxiting work. And I of course hope dat some old favorites like Ado will come back to make some more masterpieces :)

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  • Here is the colored version of that Elaine from a while back.


    Also, happy early holidays. I won't be around for those, and it's too bad, because I really, really wanted to do a Christmas piece, but am too busy with other Christmas-related projects. :'( I still feel sad about it, but I'm really looking forward to everyone else's contributions though!

  • Yay! More Guybrush! I made this after I had just finished Chapter 1 of ToMI. So of course, our intrepid hero still has his left hand :3 Currently working my way through Chapter 3.

    Again, I'm SO sorry for the freakin' size :eek:


  • @PecanBlue: Oh my goodness, that's amazing!! I'm envious of your skills as an artist. Also, when will you be doing more? XD
    @Tempest Lavalle: I saw that on Deviant Art. I love your style! Keep up the good work! <3

  • Every time I come here, there seems to be more and more awesomeness. Great pics!

  • Hi there!
    I love this thread ^^
    Always there are something new for seeing :D
    I was searching a drawing that I liked a lot but its thread was removed :(
    Someone make a pixeled ToMI Guybrush from original SoMI Guybrush :D
    It was great but I couldn't save it :(
    Can you help me? Thanks ^^

  • Ok, my internet went pfft last I tried to say this. PecanBlue, I love your piece X3 I haven't gotten that far in the game yet, so I'm not entirely sure what's happening. But it looks great nonetheless! :D

  • ^
    Thanks! Yours was really cool too. Pages with lots of expressions are some of my favorites.

    @Maxilyah said: @PecanBlue: Oh my goodness, that's amazing!! I'm envious of your skills as an artist. Also, when will you be doing more? XD

    Thank you, and I'll still have some sketches or quick coloring jobs to show from time to time, but probably my next bigger project is Valentine's Day. I've learned from my mistakes this year to not take upcoming holiday dates for granted so I'll start the MI V-Day piece around January.

  • I wouldn't really call this art, since I just doodled randomly on the back of my schedule, but here you go anyway, if you're interested.

  • Actually I meant to upload this one yesterday, but just when I was about to get it done my Gimp crashed and I had to do all the blending again. (I wish it had an AutoSave function.)
    I don't think I've ever drawn Elaine completely like this before, so please don't sue me. :D

    edit: Totally forgot replying to critiques ^^'

    [quote="PecanBlue"]Your Morgan is so cute! I like her pose the best, and the clouds in the back are great.[/quote]
    Thank you! But I personally think I messed up on both... :o
    [quote="doodo!"]Not bad, it could use some improvement but it's not bad. One thing I notice is that the face is really broken up on the side by the hair and it doesn't look right.[/quote]
    That's right where I had my biggest problem. The thing is that I'm not quite used to working with a drawing tablet yet and I just couldn't manage to make it look better. :/
    [quote="guimero64"]So cuuute!!![/quote]
    Thankieees! :3

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