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Best Music of the 00's

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Ha, whaddaya know! We're at the end of another decade of music. Future music fans will look back on the music of this decade and think "wow, what a load crap!". But though the music industry and the charts have drowned in a sea of terrible, bland, soulless rubbish (popular for what reason, nobody knows), there was just as much awesome music made by real musicians who knew how to play their instruments, knew how to write songs and injected passion into their music. I know that most of you guys that hang out at the TTG forums aren't sucked in by the garbage music that relies of hooks and synthesizers alone, most of you have rather unique, different and good tastes in music - which is why I'd like to know what was some of your favourite music of the 'noughties'. What were the best albums of the 00's? The best songs? Best new artists? Best old artists? Your opinion...?

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  • @Datadog said: Outkast. Hey Ya.

    Cracking song it must be said

  • @Icedhope said: I had no Idea, you liked blind guardian..that is awesome.

    Yeah, I first came across their music on a LOTR site, it blew me away... BG got me listening to metal, actually (although I have a very diverse taste in music).

  • Best of 2000-2009? For me, it's mostly filled with pop-songs, songs pretentious people would call garbage.

    First, I'll have to mention Take That, where they made their reunion back in 2007. Heights were songs like Shine and Rule the World.

    Sophie Ellis-Bextor actually has a special place in my heart, since it made me believe in pop music again. Her songs are pretty simple, but good music shouldn't always be complicated. My favorite is still Take Me Home, but it's not the only song I love. Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer) by the Freemasons, which also features Sophie Ellis-Bextor, is a really good one.

    Of course, it was also the time I first discovered, so I can't really go on with this list without mentioning Experimental Film by They Might Be Giants.

    Aside from that, I also grew a fondness for Dutch songs. When I talk about Dutch pride, I can't help but mention Wibi Soerjadi, probably the best pianist in the Netherlands, Indonesian by heritage, but still very Dutch. He also loves Disney, so that makes him a double hero. My favorite is his collaboration with Di-Rect, called Blind For You. It was also the period where Marco Borsato had his winning streak at the TMF Artist of the Year award. Rood (the official video clip not shown due to partial implied nudity) and Everytime I Think Of You (featuring Lucie Silvas) were some of his highlights, but there are many more. Talking about Dutch-English collaborations, I could not go on without mentioning the collaboration between BLØF and Counting Crows, with the song Holiday In Spain.

    Anyway, there are just too many to mention. Rock Your Body and My Love by Justin Timberlake, You Rock My World by Michael Jackson, Too Lost In You by the Sugababes, Stronger and Heard 'Em Say by Kanye West (the latter featuring Adam Levine), Makes Me Wonder and Sunday Morning by Maroon 5, the list becomes too long to mention them all in this thread.

  • haydenwce27, you might like "Is Anybody Alive Out There?" by Springsteen if just for the lyrics :p Also, Cake! I don't have any of their albums or anything (and their lead singer sounds like he's asleep), but I still have a soft spot in my heart for the band. I also still like the Foo Fighters, if just for their videos. But again, I don't own any of their albums. (I don't pirate either, so don't worry, people.)

    I am so completely and totally out of the music scene it's sad. I basically listen to the songs from childhood, like Simon and Garfunkel and the original broadway recordings of shows like "Kiss Me Kate" or "Walking Happy" or Smothers Brothers. So don't worry Gary, there's at least one person with weirder taste than you :p

  • Haha, the song's actually called "Radio Nowhere" and I do, in fact, very much like it for both it's musical and lyrical content. It's actually the only song of the Boss that I've got on my computer (yes, I downloaded it, sorry, don't judge me, I buy a lot of music as well). Cake, from what I've heard of them, they are good! I really enjoy "Short Skirt, Long Jacket". Foo Fighters, hmm... not into them so much. But I see what you mean about their videos, "Learn to Fly" had a pretty hilarious clip!

    Now for my top 27 albums of he 00's:

    1. AC/DC - Black Ice
    2. Guns N' Roses - Chinese Democracy
    3. Motorhead - Motorizer
    4. Slash' Snakepit - Ain't Life Grand
    5. Lynyrd Skynyrd - God & Guns
    6. Rush - Snakes and Arrows
    7. Motorhead - Motorizer
    8. Iron Maiden - Matter of Life and Death
    9. Motorhead - Inferno
    10. Iron Maiden - Dance of Death
    11. Alice Cooper - Along Came a Spider
    12. Airbourne - Runnin' Wild
    13. Whitesnake - Good to Be Bad
    14. The Cult - Beyond Good and Evil
    15. Electric Mary - Down to the Bone
    16. Deep Purple - Rapture of the Deep
    17. Black Stone Cherry - Folklore and Superstition
    18. The Answer - Rise
    19. Dallas Crane - Factory Girls
    20. Eagles - Long Road Out of Eden
    21. Koritni - Game of Fools
    22. Rose Tattoo - Blood Brothers
    23. Soul Doctor - Systems Go Wild
    24. Velvet Revolver - Libertad
    25. Velvet Revolver - Contraband
    26. Grady - Good As Dead
    27. Blackberry Smoke - Little Piece of Dixie

    Hmm... better not go into honourable mentions.

  • @Lena_P said: Smothers Brothers

    :D Don't get me started on the Smothers Brothers (Smethren Brethren?). I hope I get the chance to see them live before they retire, which will likely happen sooner rather than later. Not only are they hilarious ("Take it naked bacon!" :p), but their musicianship is phenomenal. When I first heard their rendition of "Mariah", I became a fan for life.

    Incidentally, have you seen their recent cameo on The Simpsons?

  • @GaryCXJk said: Of course, it was also the time I first discovered, so I can't really go on with this list without mentioning Experimental Film by They Might Be Giants.

    The Spine and The Else were both really great albums. They had some of the band's most brilliant and creative songs since Flood and Apollo 18. This decade also saw the beginning of TMBG's career in children's music. I absolutely loved No!; "Violin" is still one of my all-time favorite TMBG songs. I wasn't particularly interesting in their next two children's albums. I haven't really heard anything from Here Come's Science yet, but I might check it out.

  • Empire of the Sun!

    'Unbreakable' and 'You Rock My World' by Michael Jackson.

    Annnnnnnnddddd... American Idiot album from Green Day

  • Best song? My mum singing Bohemian rapsody on singstar.

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