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Can I use my $5 off order of 8.95 or more coupon alongside the 25% sale?

posted by Threepwood42 on - last edited - Viewed by 119 users

I just realized that I had a bunch of coupons for stuff that is going to expire soon so I figured with my christmas money and the coupons I'd go onto Telltale's store and see what they have that I don't yet :p Only to realize that they're having ANOTHER sale. I will most likely buy the things I'm looking at anyway being the prices are still really good deals with the 25% even without my coupon, but I'd like to know whether or not I'm just putting the coupon in wrong or it just doesn't work with the sale.

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  • Hi Threepwood42,
    Unfortunately, coupons fight with our site offers and don't work. You'll have to use one or the other. We'll have plenty of things happening in January so if you miss this sale, there are bound to me more.


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