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S&M:BT&S on the Wii? Telltale's Site Says One Thing, Rest of the Web Says Otherwise.

posted by mjallemand on - last edited - Viewed by 116 users

I picked up Sam & Max Season One a few weeks ago with some Christmas monies for my Wii because I've been meaning to play the game forever. (I also picked up the Surfin' the Highway collection and the Animated Series DVD) Anywho, I loved the Strong Bad titles and I figured this was the best place to go next for my point-n-click fix.

I remember reading in multiple places around the web that Sam & Max Season 2 would be rearing its head sometime in "Later 2009". Well, that's obviously come and gone, and now I'm a bit concerned I'll never get more Dog & Rabbity thing action on my Wii.

IGN's webpage on the game lists its status as "Canceled", but Telltale's page on the game lists the Wii version as "Coming Soon!" I'm obviously going to trust Telltale over IGN, (ESPECIALLY over IGN.) but I'm a bit concerned that it's been swept under the rug.

Anyone out there want to try to quell my fears a bit?

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