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Episode 4: Made it all worthwhile!

posted by Johnny Walker on - last edited - Viewed by 495 users

TellTale, thanks so much for Episode 4 of Sam & Max! Quite frankly, it made the entire season worthwhile. If we'd never got to play Episode 4, I think we all would have missed out on something incredibly special and important in the Sam & Max canon.

It scares me to think that if LucasArts had got their evil way, we would never have seen ANY sequel to Sam & Max whatsoever. To think we would have lost out on anything close to the quality of "Abe Lincoln Must Die!" makes me feel that it wasn't just Sam & Max fans that were robbed on that fateful day, but the entire medium of gaming as a whole.

Thanks for re-setting that balance and giving the gaming world what it sorely needed: High quality, intelligent, inspired, imaginative gaming.

Thanks for reminding me exactly why Sam & Max rocked so much in the first place.

TellTale, I love you!

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