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All of my Sam and Max game son Steam crash

posted by Levybreak on - last edited - Viewed by 593 users

I just bought the Sam and Max complete pack on steam the other day, and to my surprise, every single Sam and Max game crashes on startup. I have no idea why this would happen, especially since a long time ago i downloaded S1 Ep4 and it worked fine. I looked through the telltale forums and steam support, and failed to see any problem like this. To be precise about the crashes, All the Season 1 games I click "Launch" and then immediately after steam's launching dialog closes I get the standard XP "Application has stopped working" dialog. With all the season 2 games my screen just flashes black and then back to normal, no game, no error. Any ideas?

Windows XP 32 bit
nVidia GeForce 6150 LE (getting a new card sometime in the next week)

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