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Refund mess (telltale support not serious at all!)

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I bought a copy of "Tales of Monkey Island" just to discover that it does not run on Intel graphics (the minium requirements I checked did not say anything about this, and it took me a couple of hours of research to find this information buried in the website after I could not use the game).

I informed telltale and they told me they could give me a refund. I said this would be ok with me (even though I will probably re-buy the game when I get a computer that can play it). I did not get any confirmation about them doing the refund, but the game disappeared from my purchased games. However, I never got the refund back on my credit card. I have waiting for over a month and several mails for an explanation, but I am being consistently ignored so far. Is there a phone number I can call to explain my situation to someone? I understand that they can make a mistake with the refund, but not that I get no explanations after more than a month!!

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