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Monkey Island Caption Contest #7: A Rubber Chicken with a Caption in the Middle

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Welcome to the 7th Monkey Island caption contest. Here are last week's winners:
@Thriftweed Fancy Pants said: captions6a.jpg
Governor: Guard!!
Guard: Yes sir?
Governor: What...what is that?
Guard: It appears to be your foot sir.
Governor: My what?!
Guard: Your foot sir.
Governor: Interesting. And what does a foot do?
Guard: It's used for walking sir.
Governor: Walking you say?
Guard: Yes sir.
Governor: I see...
Governor: Can I eat it?
Guard: I'm afraid not sir.

@Thriftweed Fancy Pants said: This week in Secrets in the World of Monkey Island! The Secret Underneath Governor Phatt's Blankets!

Guybrush: Oh no!
Phatt: Are you terrified? Are you gonna break into tears knowing that the Dread Pirate LeChuck is back?
Guybrush: No. I'm terrified of how fat your gut is.
Phatt: Oh, that's not my stomach.
Guybrush: And then he pulled away the blankets!

What could it be! A llama? An orthodontist!? Stay tuned to find out.

The winners get:
An avatar of a facepalming monkey!

The Hall of Fame:
puzzlebox x2
hplikelike x2
Thriftweed Fancy Pants x2
SilverWolfPet x1
skitty85 x1
prizna x1
TomPravetz x1
Jen Kollic x1
Secret Fawful x1

PM me if you have a good picture for the next contest. May be fanart too, as long as it's your own.

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