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ye olde season upgrade problem

posted by enterthewumpus on - last edited - Viewed by 240 users

so, i just upgraded to the entire season of Sam and Max. My dad wanted to use his credit card, but i had already told the internet that i wanted to pay with paypal, so we used the credit card link from there. i think this is what screwed up my order. we payed succesfully, but i was not redirected to the 'hey kids, play our fun new game by clicking here!' page that i usually get. my order didn't appear on the past purchases page either. more troubling, I typed in the order number into the 'find my order' page, and it said that it wasn't paid for. the order number was 5078416500. any idea what happened ?
thanks for thy time,

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  • As long as you got all the way through the PayPal process and got confirmation from PayPal that the amount has been charged, the payment is probably just delayed coming into our system. This happens sometimes (I don't know why) and it usually straightens itself out within a few hours. The order doesn't show up in Past Purchases until the payment is settled.

    If you didn't get confirmation from PayPal, then it's possible that the transaction was not completed. If that's the case, I can clear the original order number in our coupon system so you can use it again.

  • i got a receipt, so i assume the amount has been charged.
    also, i don't know if this matters, but it says that i payed Atlantic Paypal, not Telltale. is that how it is supposed to show up?

    thanks for the quick response!
    edit- alright, time has solved all problems. they have appeared now.

  • Yep, the payment has come through on our end too. Sorry for the delay.

  • I had the same problem when I tried to buy the complete season of Sam and Max yesterday. I paid through Paypal, and then right before it would have gotten to the page where I get the game download, there was some sort of error. The payment is registered at Paypal (number 5111803600) as going to Atlantic Paypal, but the telltale website doesn't have a record of the transaction. It's only been 23 hours since I made the payment, so should I wait another hour? Or is there something else you can do?


  • A database glitch yesterday was preventing orders from getting into Telltale's system right away. It's fixed now.

    I just checked order 5111803600 and it's alive and well. :) You should be able to look it up here using the order number and the password you created during checkout, and can download your games from there.

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