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HELP! Chapter 4: Creating nacho scar - 1 shot glass missing from inventory!

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I am new here and I hope you could help me. I am really frustrated with a problem that I got last night and couldn't figure it out so far. I am stuck in creating a scar on the lamp leg. :confused:

Firstly, I got all 6 glasses of volcano shots- 5 empty and 1 full. So far so good. I have filled 4 of them with liquids (manatee oil, wax, grease, glass) and 1 was left empty because I didn't find the liquid in front of De Singe's house. So, when wandering around and trying all sorts of things, I got back to the glass-blowers shop and filled another shot glass with molten glass. So I had all glasses full. Then I found the liquid in front of De Singe's house. I looked in my inventory, but, there were only 5 full glasses left- the second glass of molten glass was gone.

So, I am left with 5 full glasses, unable to create a scar and unable to empty one and I can not get another extra empty glass.:(

No, I can not load a previous save, because I always overwrite the old save.

What is there to do? I don't want to start over!:eek:

Thank you so much.

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