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I kept notes as I played through the episodes. Here are the notes for Launch of the Screaming Narwhal. I feel like each episode's notes should be in separate posts, so I'll post the rest later.

These are the only ones I did on a computer. The rest I wrote out longhand. Surprisingly this doesn't seem to have cut down too much on my use of emoticons. Also, I enjoyed the whole episode. The criticism is just there because I like to criticise things.

It's finally working! : D

But I still have to reduce the graphics down to three. You're hurting my computer hardware's self esteem...

What's with LeChuck's beard? It's got green glowies in it.

Guybrush! <3 <3 <3

I love the facial expressions. I hope Sam & Max season 3 has facial expressions that good.

So, so far the controls aren't ruining the game for me. I think I'll use the keyboard controls, but it's funny to see the ring around Guybrush. Looks like a hula hoop. (I continued to use the keyboard controls for the rest of the series)

Guybrush has a decade's worth of pirate booty? He's going to lose it after the opening scene.

Secret of Monkey Island reference! Yay!

I should probably stop writing in this every time I have a thought.

I wasn't really expecting using the breath mints on the root beer to work. I think it's because I forgot that you can't making something fizzy by shaking it up.

The graphics remind me of Banjo-Kazooie, for some reason. Weird.

I had to turn the hints on before I finally got Guybrush's glowing sword of hot monkey vengence. I'm sure he didn't mention the roots on the plant when I clicked on it before.

Hooray for the Monkey Island theme!

Why does that guy (Davey Nipperkin) sound like Harry Moleman from Sam & Max. It's slightly disturbing. (Same voice actor, I know, and I knew it when I wrote that)

I guess Nipperkin doesn't sound too much like Harry. It's still kind of distracting, though. And I like the game's story so far thing in the save files. Very helpful for when you haven't played the game in a while

I love this music! It's so Monkey Island-ish.

An exclusive club they won't let Guybrush enter, a member who lost his membership card... I think I played this game last month when it was called Curse of Monkey Island.

And I'm beginning to suspect that every door will be locked until I can talk to the voodoo lady about this game's voodoo curse. Again, I've never played a game where I can say that before. (Turns out I was wrong anyway) Also, I think some jokes went over my head during the glass blower conversation. Or did they just want to say YouTube in a pirate setting? Without talking about digital piracy?

"Some guy in a plaid jacket with waving arms" ... STAN! <3 It's Stan! Loved his theme song in Curse of Monkey Island and LeChuck's Revenge.

I think I understand how to use the map now! I think this puzzle might be a problem for deaf people. Also, the voodoo lady won't let me in her shack. How rude of her.

Maybe the voodoo lady is Deep Gut! That would actually make sense, since she knows a lot and I need a password to get into her hut. Also, I've caused a bar fight, but I've forgotten what my other goals were. Find buried treasure... and something else.

Oh, I'm supposed to launch... I mean, steal a Screaming Narwhal. Now I remember.

I like to pretend that Nipperkin's expression when Guybrush is dunking the action figure in the ink vat is because Guybrush is talking to himself.

I solved all three puzzles! I'm a genius!

"You can't save now" What! This is an outrage! Also, I'm pretty sure I was right about Deep Gut. It's the voodoo lady.

The voodoo lady has a shrine to backwards Ron Gilbert. That's awesome.

All the pirates are green and spotty now. I think that's cartoon for sick.

The Marquis de Singe is terrifying looking...

Guybrush doesn't know what an x-ray is. That tiny bit of period appropriateness makes me happier than it should. If it was really appropriate there'd be no x-rays, but it is Monkey Island.

Guybrush has really dexterous feet. I wish I could do that with my feet. I guess they're not pointy enough.

What was the point of that? I didn't get any items, and now that creepy French guy is after me.

I can't figure out what the wind direction is supposed to signify.

I guess it's which way you go from where you entered? Kind of like that maze in Super Mario RPG that I failed to understand at first, got lost in, and then never went back to the game to find my way out.

I've been playing for a little while today, and I'm still not sure what my goals are now. I guess I need to get the key to the wind place from the Marquis de Singe, but how do I do that? I just figured out how to check the wind with the weathervane, so I'll see if that gets me anywhere.

Well that got me nowhere. Time to turn on the hints, I think.

I guess I missed something on the ship? I thought I looted it pretty thoroughly.

I'm supposed to do something on the ship, but I have no idea what. I may have to check the walkthrough. Guybrush just keeps giving the same hint, and it's not helping.

You're supposed to distract the glassblower guy before you can break the bottle? I just used the bottle on the horn while it was still sitting on the bench, and it worked perfectly. But I did wonder why Guybrush put it away in his coat when it was clearly also sitting on the bench, and why it wasn't in his inventory afterwards.

I would not have thought of using the bottle breaker on the crystal nose. Or maybe I would've if I'd realised you were supposed to have the bottle breaker in your inventory. I don't know.

"What's this thing made of anyway?" - that's how you're supposed to think of it!

And that mysterious soundclip that kept playing was the noise that the bottle breaker makes, which I didn't realise because I hadn't heard it enough times.

Oh, you're supposed to put the weathervane on top of the idols! Now I see.

Guybrush: I know what will cheer up these gruesome carvings: Cheese! (Wallace hand shake)
I can't stop laughing.

How do you get the nose for the third idol? I can't figure it out, and the hints aren't helping at all.

(after consulting the walkthrough) I didn't try using the flowers as a nose? I was sure I'd tried everything except the papers.

I think I've figured out what to use this game's skeleton arm, the U tube, with.

"Sacre merde"... I believe that translates directly to "holy shit". I bet it's not a real French swear, though.

Wait, that's not the end of the game? I guess there's an endgame puzzle as well.

Okay, game beaten. I bet the LeChuck/Elaine thing was a sitcom-like misunderstanding, and I think the woman who attacks Guybrush is Morgan le Flay. Guybrush assumes Morgan is a male when Morgan le Fay from the Arthurian mythos was female, so I'm pretty sure he got it wrong. That's some sort of literary technique, but I can't remember what.

Next time: The Siege of Spinner Cay.

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  • Neato! Love the comments and can't wait for next chapter (my favourite one in the game).

  • @haydenwce27 said: Do you make notes for other games as well?

    The first game I took notes for was episode 1 of Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures, but I didn't get to play the next ones before Tales came out because of circumstances, and then I just never got around to it.

    And here's episode 4. One thing that I noticed while I was typing all these out is that I made approximately seven billion Sam & Max references.

    Time to try out the new Monkey Island game. From what I hear, it's the best one yet. Don't disappoint, Stan icon!

    Not the scientific clutches! That's the worst kind of cluthes!

    Yay! Angry lawyer mob!

    This is all your fault you know, Morgan.

    He's been tried already. Oh. (I have no idea what I was talking about here)

    Stan's theme! :D :D :D

    Different voice actor, though. I like his new voice!

    And there's the contest winner. Cool.

    I can't stop staring at Stan's shirt. The non moving plaid is even weirder in 3D.

    I see Flotsam is providing its prisoners with Hope, the greatest of all treasures.

    Guybrush is even moving around while he argues with himself. This is awesome.

    D'Oro's empty eye socket is creeping me out.

    Haha, the Guybrush action figure sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    So Stan is Sybil?

    Club 41 sounds a lot like the SCUMM bar in Secret. I noticed that when the preview came out, but I thought I'd mentioned it gain.

    Hey, how'd De Singe get over there (Club 41 so Morgan could break his finger) so fast? He was in his house a second ago.

    I hope we find out more about why Morgan betrayed Guybrush like that. "She's complicated" isn't much of a reason.

    ??? I was actually trying to make a glass eye, not steal the leg lamp. Oh well, at least I have a new item now.

    Oh, I see now. it's for the lamp thing.

    Now Hardtack's talking to himself. Everybody's doing it!

    That judge has anger issues...

    Guybrush beating himself up after telling himself that he's dating his wife was funnier that it should've been.

    Shoddy seventeenth century radioactive liquid...

    I wonder if I can find any blue dye...

    I fail to see how dumping iron shavings into the cat food is going to help.

    ...All I had to do to get a glass eye was ask?

    Just tried to present a random piece of evidence, and got yelled at by the judge. Phoenix Wright flashbacks!

    Is that Kate Capsize? Maybe she really is out for revenge, like some people speculated before Morgan was revealed as being a totally new character.

    Hey, what happened to my many cups of variously coloured liquids? I liked those!

    Oh, I'm supposed to use the monkey as a magnet. Of course!

    Guybrush chewed the Pox? That doesn't sound very tasty.

    Why is Stan's theme playing? Guybrush is the one saying stuff.

    Maybe it's not Kate Capsize after all.

    Didn't Elaine actually have a dog named Guybrush in LeChuck's revenge?

    Did Guybrush just quote that irritating "My Humps" song?

    What am I supposed to do to the dartboard? I don't have anything sticky.

    Still stuck. I think I need a guide.

    Oh. That makes sense.

    Studio audience: Ooooooooh!

    Oh no, what's going to go wrong now?

    Is LeChuck going to say that the Voodoo Lady is behind everything like all the speculation said? I hope so!

    yes! :D :D :D

    I hope it's true! That's be really interesting.

    Well summarised, Guybrush!

    If LeChuck is telling the truth, then he's hardcore. Ripping off your face to irritate your fans level hardcore.

    The Voodoo Lady is trying to hide behind "because destiny says so", I see. Or she's telling the truth, I don't know.

    Why does Guybrush suddenly want Stan's jacket?

    Is Morgan impaled? 0_0

    (mouth open)

    Morgan... dead? There's not enough zeros and underscores to describe this.

    I like how there's no music here. Just a couple of sound effects. Very effective.

    Guybrush, step away from the trepanation helmet. I hear treppaning is kind of unpleasant.

    Okay, fine. Don't listen to me.

    I'm going to go look up "Ju de vie".

    "Game of life...?"

    Guybrush even sounds more serious than usual. This is great.

    This chapter is just full of random scraps of paper.

    I think I get the sixth sense thing, but what's this napkin stuff? I attracted the fireflies to the well.

    Actually, Tarot cards are more useful for telling the past and present than the future. I guess the future's kind of changeable.

    I think I've found everything but the cloth thing now. What am I supposed to do?

    Huh? I thought the moths ate clothing.

    Oh, Stan's jacket is the first course. Now I understand.

    Stan's surname is Stanman. Okay...

    Why am I trying to attract a jungle beast, again?

    I don't understand. Where do I put the leg, exactly?

    I didn't see any alter. I did in part one, but not here. Oh well, I see it now.

    Well, I think foul smelling man eating plants are scary, so Guybrush can just shut up.

    Oh, it has a paw in its thorn. Funny. I didn't know there were lions in the Caribbean.

    Okay, apparently I need to own the pepper before I can use it.

    Oh! I could numb his tongue! That'd work!

    Wish De Singe's house wasn't on the other side of the town, though. I don't think even going between Bosco's and Sybil's took this long.

    I don't understand. What keeps shocking Guybrush on his way out? And why isn't it working on the sponge?

    I can't believe I need the walkthrough again. Hopefully, this is the last time. There's nothing in De Singe's lab...

    You have to walk on the carpet more. Okay. I wish Guybrush had said something when the smaller shock didn't work, or when I tried to rub the sponge on the carpet. (I don't know if he says anything with the hints turned on, because at the time I'd forgotten they were there)

    I wonder if it's really the pox that's making Elaine like that.

    Oh, now De Singe is impaled. Bet he won't die, though. He's got that healing thing.

    You'd think think De Singe would care more that I just stuck a hot pepper in his eyes.

    Ugh. That's a nasty way to die.

    Is LeChuck going to kill Guybrush? That'd be another fun twist, and the title would make sense if he did.

    Yep. Guybrush is impaled.



    And that's the end of the scraps of paper and impalement chapter. Next: Rise of the Pirate God.

  • you know, to me Stans jacket pattern doesn't look like it's not moving in Secret, and it prolly wont when I play LeChucks Revenge. so then will it in Curse?

  • That's weird, it looked like it wasn't moving to me in Secret. It's definitely noticeable in Curse, though. His animation's smoother.

  • In Secret Stan is pretty low-resolution, so it isn't as noticeable as later on. But in Curse, Escape and Tales it's very noticeable.

  • escape and tales probably the most so being 3d and all

  • @Shwoo said: He's been tried already. Oh. (I have no idea what I was talking about here)

    I do. After the title screen, it goes to a cutscene that starts with "Guybrush Threepwood! Having been found guilty of all charges, you'll be keelhauled until your skin something bleeding something"
    At that point your probably thought "aww, it skipped the trial part".

    @Shwoo said: Different voice actor, though. I like his new voice!

    So do I!

    @Shwoo said: I hope we find out more about why Morgan betrayed Guybrush like that. "She's complicated" isn't much of a reason.

    I think it's the whole "she values her independence most of all". She wanted to honor the contract she made with DeSinge. You notice that as soon as she's delivered and has been paid, she makes sure not to take another contract. But I think she felt she had to do what she was hired to do, even though it was Guybrush.

    @Shwoo said: I'm going to go look up "Ju de vie".

    "Game of life...?"

    "Jeu de vie" would be "game of life" (although you'd probably say "jeu de la vie", and it's pronounced differently). "Jus de vie", however, means "life juice".

    @Shwoo said: Wish De Singe's house wasn't on the other side of the town, though. I don't think even going between Bosco's and Sybil's took this long.

    I know, I hated that part. Figured out what to do early on, by had to make lots of trips, because the first time I looked at something in Club 41, which made GB talk and un-numb his tongue, the second time he grabbed the pepper with his hand and got hurt, the third time I didn't realise you had to ask WP to lift the thingie again... So I ended up doing the whole trip+trepaning thing 4 times in a row, it was very annoying.

    Loved reading your comments :) Can't wait for the last installment.

  • Just noticed my prablum here with stans jacket might be the fact that I am using ScummVM to play it

  • @avistew said: I do. After the title screen, it goes to a cutscene that starts with "Guybrush Threepwood! Having been found guilty of all charges, you'll be keelhauled until your skin something bleeding something"
    At that point your probably thought "aww, it skipped the trial part".

    "Jeu de vie" would be "game of life" (although you'd probably say "jeu de la vie", and it's pronounced differently). "Jus de vie", however, means "life juice".

    Oh, I see. Thanks!

    I know, I hated that part. Figured out what to do early on, by had to make lots of trips, because the first time I looked at something in Club 41, which made GB talk and un-numb his tongue, the second time he grabbed the pepper with his hand and got hurt, the third time I didn't realise you had to ask WP to lift the thingie again... So I ended up doing the whole trip+trepaning thing 4 times in a row, it was very annoying.

    I think I only had to do it once, because I was extra careful not to do anything to make the effects wear off. I was relieved that I could still ask WP to uncover the pepper, though. I thought it would wear off and that I was supposed to leave it uncovered while I went back to the other side of town.

    And here's the last of them:

    It's season finale time! I'm pretty excited about this.

    Nice recap! Very dramatic.

    Is this (Guybrush in his grave while the camera pulls back) clickable? Weird...

    Yes, Guybrush. Buried "alive".

    It's the triumphant return of Grog XD!

    Even death can't stop Guybrush from messing with people!

    Okay, I need to get some change out of the grog machine.

    Oh, I get it!

    Wow, nice. I love big open spaces.

    I'm going to need that photo, aren't I?

    Wow. Secret of Monkey Island callbacks!

    KillerWalrus!Lechuck? I want to see that.

    That Galeb guy is even crazier than the average Sam & Max character.

    I always liked the swordfight best in Secret. So I'll go there first.

    Morgan is so depressed over betraying Guybrush that she's going to continue to not help him? Wouldn't it be better to redeem herself by helping him now? I know people don't always act logically, especially when they're upset, but I just wanted to mention it.

    I feel sorry for that swordfight guy. I keep trying to be nice to him, and Guybrush just keeps insulting him.

    This looks like a great dialogue puzzle.

    Classic Secret insults!

    Okay, Treasure Hunt time.

    Is that D'Oro? It's hard to tell since all the pirates look the same.

    Oh, I guess not.

    If there are Xs as far as the eye can see, all with treasure under them, wouldn't that get a bit boring? The fun is in the hunting...

    Why'd I steal that anchor just now?

    And the Pyrite Parrot is back!

    Aw, I wanted fabulous riches.

    I think Galeb could be Nor Treglib. It is one of the answers he gives you if you ask his name...

    Okay, thieve's den.

    Well, that was productive.

    Aw, he robbed me of the thing I stole from him. I bet there's not even a lost and found around here.

    I don't remember anyone stealing a summoning turtle from LeChuck. I guess I need to reply the Seige of Spinner Cay.

    I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing. Finding LeChuck's secret voodoo spell to return to the land of the living, yes, but how?

    The phrase "I can't use the skeleton arm with that" still haunts my nightmares. Guybrush is an evil, evil pirate for making a callback to it.

    Okay, I've turned the hints up to maximum.

    What? I already tried buying grog. The machine just ate it.

    Oh, I should have hit the grog classic button. Okay.

    No. I'm still lost.

    What? What dog? Where? I saw a dog in the opening, but it ran off afterwards.

    Bone... (Probably me figuring out why I had a bone in my inventory)

    Oh! I never saw that area before! I thought the grave just mysteriously disappeared after Guybrush climbed out of it. As to why I would think that, it's because I've played Psychonauts at at least once.

    Was he about to stick a dog in his pants?

    Galeb is a transformer? (No idea why I wrote that. Maybe he said that there was more to him than meets the eye?)

    Well, that was unintuitive. (Probably a reference to the part where you have to show Galeb the sock to proceed)

    Finally have the spell.

    Sacrifice? Oh no, Morgan. I like Morgan.

    Guybrush might be upset when Morgan shows him her idea.

    Oh, she's just sacrificing her reputation. Never mind. But the spell specified something that couldn't be undone...

    I guess it worked anyway.

    Hey, the voodoo lady really was controlling everything!

    Wouldn't those swords go right through Guybrush?

    Elaine is such an obvious liar.

    Demon Elaine is wearing one of those evil crowns.

    Guybrush's obsession with masts continues.

    If ghosts can't touch anything, how was LeChuck able to throw Guybrush into the water in Secret? Or kidnap Elaine, or beat up Guybrush at the end of the game?

    So come back as a zombie!

    Yeah, Guybrush, listen to Morgan. There'll be time to be emo after you've saved the Caribbean.

    Wow. What happened to the Caribbean? I assumed the red in the Lechuck scene was from being under Monkey Island again. Also, yay Winslow!

    Anenenenome and Winslow? That doesn't surprise me in the slightest.

    Hey, Winslow stole my locket.

    The map thing will never stop being funny. NEVER.

    Well, that didn't work. I didn't realise it was a dialogue puzzle. (This was directly after Guybrush's ghost possesses his corpse)

    Who's that guy who keeps knocking me out? He looks familiar.

    Voodoo Lady: Nice job breaking reality, hero.

    Bugeye... who's that, again?

    Oh yeah! The leader of the mutineers in Lair of the Leviathan!

    Why can't Guybrush just walk through the door? He goes through everything anyway.

    No ghost portal in the thieves' den?

    Tooth in gum? Curse of Monkey Island! (I'd missed a meal while playing the game, and my ability to express myself gets really bad if I don't eat properly)

    Why do I need a mug of root beer? Is the gum root beer flavoured? That sounds dangerous.

    "Get ready to be touched to death" is only slightly better than Discworld's "Let's all get our throat cut, boys!"

    WINSLOW! :D :D :D To the rescue!

    More stuff to do. Will this game ever be over? (Not a complaint)

    Okay, looks like I need the pyrite parrots, maybe a feather from that dead seagull, the thief's secret, and the tasteless gum. Not sure what the other two things are.

    Galeb's like some unholy mix of Rafiki and Voldemort.

    Gah! LeChuck! That almost startled me!

    The smell must be that deoderant Winslow left.

    I kind of like how the voodoo lady is reluctant to describe Guybrush as a zombie. Because under real voodoo, he isn't, really.

    Hey, elf tears. Nice Sam & Max reference.

    I still can't catch all the stupid parrots.

    Giant space turtle? So, Great A'tuin?

    Banang! Everything's Sam & Max references in this game!

    Oh, a blindfold.

    Now I have everything for the sponge except the Pyrite Parrots.

    Guybrush kind of has a Tenth Doctor face when he runs. At least in this game.

    Maybe Guybrush will want to pick up that fish net that I just remembered about now.

    Okay, time to finish this part. It was pretty easy.

    Why is Guybrush suddenly talking up the Voodoo Lady?

    Everybody's unholying everybody in this game.

    Is "Aaaiiieee" really pronounced "whooooaaa"? I always wondered how that was pronounced, but...

    Hooray for Morgan!

    What he's going to do to Guybrush is punch him some more, apparently. How not the same thing he's been doing since day one.

    LeChuck's definition of pirate is a bit narrow if he thinks that you have to be dead to be one.

    I have no idea what to do again, but I'll puzzle it out instead of getting impatient with being moved around like last time in Sam & Max.

    I think I understand now...

    Zombie Guybrush can take a lot of punishment.

    Using hook with mainsail actually does something? LeChuck interrupted me last time, so probably I thought that I'd already tried it.

    I wish this wasn't timed. I Know what I have to do now, but LeChuck keeps interrupting. (I thought that the seesaw worked the same way no matter how you go to the deck. I don't think it was clear that LeChuck has to jump down from above the cannon, since Guybrush won't get on the seesaw unless it's already worked)

    (illegible scribbling)

    Stop it LeChuck. I need to stand on the stupid seesaw.

    Okay, the music changed, and Guybrush finally stepped on that stupid door. Life is good.

    He put the pot on his head as a helmet! The callbacks are thick and fast in this chapter.

    Ooh, I didn't think using life on rip would actually work. Plotty!

    Is Guybrush now completely dead?

    And he's alive! Hooray!

    Aw... Sweet.

    Finally someone comments on the Espon-ja thing.

    Hey! What's wrong with my computer?

    Damn, I was just watching the credits. I bet there was an after credits scene that I missed.

    Okay, restarting...

    Starting up the game again... I hope it autosaved after Guybrush sacrificed his life. I don't want to do that barrel thing again.

    It hasn't saved since before I shrank the sponge? That's it. I'm quitting.

    I did want to say that this whole game was apparently a ploy of Elaine's. She must be really good at chess.

    Oh, I'm glad someone posted the after credits bonus in the forums! It's intruiging! (This was the Sam & Max thing, not the after credits scene. I didn't learn about that until a bit later)

    The game's over. I guess I can stop scribbling now.

  • Nice :)

    I have to ask: is Anemone not a name in English? Because it is in French, so I'm not sure if Guybrush mispronounces it because he's Guybrush or because it's not a normal name.

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