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just realised how much i love earl boen...

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xDD i looked earl boen up on wiki and it says he played dr. regis blackgaard and edwin blackgaard in the focus on the family series adventures in odyssey... i've loved hearing him as lechuck, but it was never a big deal that they used someone else at the beginning of ToMI... until now... i grew up on adventures in odyssey, it's a much bigger part of my life then the MI games ever were, in fact Dr. Regis Blackgaard easily tops my list of the best villians of all time... and now knowing this will just add to my experiance when playing any of the MI games in the future ^_^

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  • It's going to be really hard if Earl actually remains in retirement when the next Monkey Island game comes out. He does such a great job with LeChuck and I was genuinely upset when I heard that he was unable to return for Tales and the fact that he eventually came back just made me ecstatic. However, now it seems that we'll all have to go through it all over again when the next MI game comes out. Almost seems like a Brett Favre story...

  • If he doesn't do Lechuck's Revenge: Special Edition, they shouldn't bother making it. ;)

  • @Teeth said: If he doesn't do Lechuck's Revenge: Special Edition, they shouldn't bother making it. ;)

    Yeah, that definitely has to happen.

  • @Teeth said: If he doesn't do Lechuck's Revenge: Special Edition, they shouldn't bother making it. ;)

    Well, they could have gotten Earl to record the lines for MI2, just in case they ended up having enough good response to MISE (which I think they did) to warrant making a special edition, coz they didn't want to drag him out of retirement again. Idk, its a possibility.

  • I grew up listening to Adventures in Odyssey. Boen's Blackgaard character was the ultimate villain. The first time I heard his voice in a Monkey Island game was as Charles L. Charles in the demo for Escape From Monkey Island. It was a great surprise. Then I heard two other Adventures in Odyssey voice actors in Curse: Allan Young (who plays Jack Allen in Odyssey) voiced Haggis and Dave Madden (Odyssey's Bernard Walton) played Dinggy Dog. Jess Harnell (who plays a more recent Odyssey character called Wooton) does several voices for the MI Special Edition including one of the Fetuccini circus brothers. The world of top talent voice acting is a small one indeed!
    And about Boen's retirement...I thought it would be a lost cause for them to get him to record for a Revenge Special Edtion, but the fact that Tell Tale was able to get him to re-record for Tales is a good sign.

  • It's just so odd to think that:

    Dr. Silberman (from Terminator) = LeChuck

    171719124.gif = lechuck3.jpg

  • I do see a lil resemblance like the noise well LeChuck doesnt have a noise but the shape

  • Frankly, Silberman has a little LeChuck in 'im.

  • I love Earl Boen. I recently heard his voice on a Justice League episode, where he voiced some random rich villain. And I instantly recognised his voice. The guy has some serious talant.

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