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Most Terrible Movie You've Seen

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I was re-watching Strong Bad emails and got inspiration for a topic.

(I love HstarR, and yes my wallpaper is Monkey Island related.)

What is/are the worst movie(s) you've seen recently? I don't mean movies that would otherwise be good if not for a few things wrong with them. I mean movies that have no redeemable value and are completely FAIL.

The last really terrible movie I've seen was when my Dad and I went to the theater to watch a movie and didn't plan ahead to know what was playing at the time. We looked through the theater's guide thingy that describes the movies it was showing and I read about "No Country for Old Men" and how it had won Academy Awards.

Let me tell you. It's so horrible, I even won't bother with spoiler tags. The bad guy who is killing everyone lives. The protagonist dies in a fight with the bad guy that you never get to see, you only see the police in the movie walk up to a hotel room and his body is lying there. The cop that is investigating the situation quits before ever tracking down the bad guy. Also, neither the main plot nor even an introduction to what the protagonist's name is... neither happens until like 30 minutes into the film.

I hated that movie. It's a testament to how misleading getting an award can be.

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