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Transfering game from one account to another

posted by Atcote88 on - last edited - Viewed by 95 users

Is there a way to transfer a game from one account to another?
Basically, I'm an idiot, which is the source of many of these problems, and I forgot about my old account, and thus, started a new one with my new email address.
Months (or maybe over a year...) afterwards I find myself back home and it auto-logs-in my old account from the days of yore, and before I'm quick enough to check it, I buy Sam and Max Season 1 on my old account (they're very similar log-in names, okay?!).
Now, I've got my old account information and so forth, so accessing the game isn't difficult, but I was wondering if, just for the sake of keeping everything on one account, I'd be able to transfer over my purchase of Sam and Max to my newer account?
No problems if it can't be done, but I'd appreciate knowing nonetheless.

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  • Hi Atcotes88,
    I can merge your two accounts into one. Please either send me a pm or message to with both emails for both accounts. Please specify which one we're keeping and which one will be deleted forever.


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