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Monkey Island on Mac is terribly slow

posted by moebius on - last edited - Viewed by 621 users

I was pretty excited by the news you just released MI for Mac and, even if I've already played all the episodes on Boot Camp, I re-downloaded everything just to be able to play whenever I want without the need to reboot.
Although I was disappointed by how slow the game runs under Mac Os X, I'm aware I own a white MacBook 2.15ghz, 4gb ram, with a really slow graphic card (Intel GMA 950) but I had to lower the detail level to 1 and resolution to 640x480 to be barely able to play the game, and when I say barely it means it probably runs at 10-15 fps.
On the other side I was able to play MI with detail set to 3 and resolution set to 1280x800 under Boot Camp, in a pretty good way, probably around 20/25 fps.
I'm not complaining at all, I just wanted to give you my feedback and experience, maybe it's just a matter of optimization but a so big difference left me doubtful.

that's all, and as always keep up with the great work you're doing, I'll keep supporting you! :-)

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  • @Seg said: Confirmed. Do not pass go; Nor collect $200. The graphic card simply doesn't allow for more than 64mb of VRAM, even to fake it.

    Yes it's lame, but it's a driver limitation. Nothing we can do over here. :(


    The question is - is the reduced memory size *the reason why the game runs slow on OS X*. Nobody has debated that the memory size is lower in OS X.

    I just want to make sure someone at Telltale has found a direct relationship between the two, and we're not just jumping to conclusions because it SOUNDS like a likely cause. It does sound like a likely cause. Are we sure it's THE cause?

    One reason I'm just a little skeptical, like I said before, is that I don't see the direct relationship between 64MB VRAM and such awful performance. And even if there was a connection, it seems like lowering texture detail or something would avoid the problem (which I assume would be some sort of VRAM "swapping" or something)?

  • You can't just lower texture detail like that on the fly. You'd either have to build the game with two different texture packs, or you'd have to do a lot of processing at runtime, which would completely defeat the purpose of trying to improve performance.

    As it is, there is more data than there is VRAM to store it, so it's constantly having to purge and load, which drops your frame-rate to nil. It simply can't fit all of the data it needs to fit.

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    Kevin Telltale Staff

    @Ripcord said: Guys. YOU'RE NOT READING WHAT I'M SAYING.

    The question is - is the reduced memory size *the reason why the game runs slow on OS X*.


  • Might be a sore subject, but have you guys tried sending a bug report to Apple?
    Do you have an Apple rep you've whined to?

    ...or is Apple content to let all GMA chipsets ride out into the sunset at this point?

    Just remember: we complain because we love. That, and it's cheaper to buy more Telltale games than it is to buy a new Mac. We have vested interests, y'know.

  • Performance related the GMA 950 isn't a screamer. On top of that Intel's gfx drivers are just ...., even more on OSX. If it's about the lack of VRAM and depending on how it's done, would it help providing a lowres texturepack as an option?

  • I'm running a MacBook, and I turned to quality to 1, and the resolution to the lowest setting, and the intro movie is running about .5 to 1 frame a second. I am going to blame the chipset, but is there any wayat all I can make it go any faster?

  • Unfortunately, the only way to get a better frame rate is actually to boot into windows and play the windows version. If you really do have the GMA chipset, the driver support on the windows side will give you the added VRAM necessary to run the game at a higher framerate.

  • But I don't have Windows installed on my machine... :/ Major bummer.

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    Macfly77 Moderator

    There's always CrossOver Games (no Windows necessary)...

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    DjNDB Moderator

    @Macfly77 said: There's always CrossOver Games (no Windows necessary)...

    I can not imagine that it runs faster then. The point of booting windows was to get more VRAM, because the amount is limited in the Mac OS X Drivers.

    The best solution would be if Apple released better drivers for the GMA 950.

    I don't know if it helps at all, but has anyone tried GMA Booster?

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