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  • Briing on the trumpets! ... I mean the pre-order link. :)

  • Still haven't seen it. Please, Telltale, don't make my head asplode from waiting.

  • Telltale is changing its game to encourage players to think through problems instead of trying to use every item in their inventory on every object in sight. Max now has psychic powers like telepathy and the ability to transform into inanimate objects. For many of the puzzles in Devil's Playhouse you'll need to utilize Max's powers instead of a massive inventory.

    What the .... that means?! :confused:

  • Nearby interactive objects will be highlighted, and you can hold down the R2 button to see all interactive objects in the area.

    Wow, that's unwanted hint!

  • Being able to pre-order at the PSN store is brilliant. Looks like Sony and Telltale have worked well together on this! Hopefully Sony really promotes it. Sounds fantastic. Sam & Max on my big screen TV in 1080P Woo!

  • @Zodler said: What the .... that means?! :confused:

    It means inventory puzzles that utilize "Use A on B" aren't going to be the only, or even the main, puzzles.

  • @Rather Dashing said: Or they can, and the "leaks" are actually intricately orchestrated pressure releases intended to drum up interest!




    ...wait, no, that's gibberish. OR IS IT? Perhaps that's what the conspirators at Tell Tale Games WANT us to think. Very clever, Tee-Tee-Gee. Very clever.

    I think you mean:




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    Jake Telltale Alumni

    @Zodler said: Wow, that's unwanted hint!

    You don't need to do it. Wallace & Gromit and Tales of MI had the same feature -- a "show hotspots" button. Obviously they only show up when you press that button. Can you resist pressing the button? If not, will you blame us for your inability to resist? Find out in a forum thread near you, in a couple months or whatever.

  • @Icedhope said: I think it will sometime in the afternoon tomorrow, maybe around 4 or so.

    You win. Almost to the minute.

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    Jake Telltale Alumni

    Closing this crazy monster. New thread exists here.

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