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I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere(Telltale on Mac)

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This story says that Telltale is porting their titles to Mac.

The rundown:

-The titles will start coming out for Mac "in a few weeks", demonstration on February 11th at MacWorld Expo

-Buy the title once to get a license for both operating systems

-The games will be released in this order: Tales of Monkey Island will launch first, Sam & Max will launch in several weeks, and the others will be out in the next few months.

-No ports for Bone or Texas Hold 'Em

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  • Is the PC version updated with Earl Boen's voice or atm is it still on Mac versions... also will it be cleared up for the DVD?

  • @Fury said: Why are they bothering to make it for Mac? It's such a small portion of the market and the majority of Mac users are wanky arts students.

    Why do you care? It's not like you're going to be affected in any way if "wanky art students" finally get to play TTG natively.

  • @ShaggE said: Sounds like they really...

    *puts on sunglasses*

    ... got Boned.

    Oh man, that was bad.

    I think...that is my favourite post ever.

    besides all mine of course

  • @Kevin said: We looked at Cider, but we decided to go with a full on native implementation. A lot of us here are big Mac fans. I have nothing but Mac's at home and I really wanted to do a proper Mac version of the games that ran well, etc. Glad you're enjoying it! Be sure to vote for the next Mac game to enter QA!!

    The native implimentations truly are appreciated, cider's done great things for games that would've never been ported otherwise, but there's nothing more dissapointing than a retail cider port, it can never perform quite like a native app, especially on a newer game. it definately felt like i got a little shorted last time i bought one.

    Also, I can't seem to determine if the new collectors dvds have mac copies of the game on them as well or if us mac people still have to download the app seperately. Can anyone shed some light?

  • [quote=nikasaur]Not only will it feature both the PC and Mac version of Tales...[/quote]

    And I'd assume they'll be updating the other games' DVDs sometime after they put up the digital Mac versions. You know what they say about when you assume things.

  • oh sweet, I missed that line on the blog. i'd hope the other dvds get updated id be happy to pay for the dvd again.

  • I don't think there will be updated DVD's of older games. Somewhere (I can't find where), Will said they were interested, but that the cost was probably going to be too great.

  • What HumpsMcLovin said. We'd love to, but it's just not feasible.

  • Well, maybe someday, when Telltale's managed to take over the world, right? You guys are still incredibly awesome just for doing the Mac versions at all (though I myself loathe Macs), among so many other reasons.

    ...what, was I not supposed to say anything about the world domination plan?

  • This is me realizing that I no longer need to use my out of date piece-of-surgically altered superfeces windows xp computer to play what are possibly my favorite games in the world.. Thank You Telltale Games!

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