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DVD Available for Pre-Order!

posted by GuruGuru214 on - last edited - Viewed by 2.5K users

Available in Standard, and Deluxe Edition including the pre-order Purcell slip cover and several other goodies. Also available are tarot cards and other awesome merch.

Telltale, I freaking love you guys.

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  • @Scrawffler said: The Sam and Max Purcell covers weren't just for pre-orderers. (I should know - I only bought them last year!)

    But they had never said, back then, that they would be. Which is the difference. With TOMI they specifically stated, in the beginning, that pre-orders would have an exclusive slipcase on top of the other advantages.

    I know, you're gonna say it's just a slipcase, but why then say it would be exclusive when it won't be?

    As for the crazy shipping costs, I won't get angry at Telltale Games for this, because while it probably wouldn't cost so much to send a DVD, you also need to account for the handling of the material, which is done by a third party, not Telltale Games themselves. And since Telltale Games offers us FREE shipping on orders over $50, it probably affects the S&H costs of the items under that order price.

    Just because Telltale offers us free shipping, doesn't mean that they don't need to pay the S&H company - so the distributor is probably just charging more for the lower-cost orders in order to offset the 'free shipping' offer. The money has to come from somewhere, you know? And hey, if we didn't have the free shipment offer, it might lower the costs of S&H for the smaller orders, but it might influence us in buying LESS from Telltale because we'd need to pay for the shipping on top of the rest. And then Telltale would get less money, because the money they make comes from the games and merchandise.

    Do I make sense...? :P

  • Well, then they should be more careful when they choose their distributor. It's not a new problem. The same thing happened, when the S&M Season 1 DVD was released. Back then, international shipping was around USD16, and only after the customers complained about ist, it was reduced to 9.95. From then on shipping cost slowly went up again (10.95 for Season2 an Strong Bad, 16 (at least thats what other germans paid, my invoice said 11.23 for some reason, maybe I used a discount?) for Wallace & Gromit) und now 18 for TMI!

    This means they had enough time to figure it out and make a better deal with the distributors.

  • Well, there's some cool stuff! Anyway I don't think $83 is that bad.

  • @axelkothe said: This means they had enough time to figure it out and make a better deal with the distributors.

    We can theorize all we want, but in the end, it all depends on legal work that we aren't privy to, and it's between TTG and their distributor. For all we know, they are just as annoyed as we are at the hike in S&H costs, but cannot do much, because they are bound by contract. Again, we can't know the specifics of the legal mumbo jumbo, but that's how I see it.

    Of course, the promotion to get free shipping on orders of $50 or more is a good marketing tactic to influence us into buying more (because we get a better deal that way), but that's hardly new.

    Besides, the reason why I'm inclined to throw so much money at them is just because their damned games are so fun. :P

  • Hmm what to choose, what to choose, im spoilt with choice, im an art fan, so id definatly get the artwork, and tarots, but i still want a tshirt and mug...soundtrack would be awesome and a guybrush figurine...maybe near christmas....ive just lost my job :( , so i dont know how im gunna afford it..but see if i got enough money in the bank and purchase it, before i got into an overdraft

  • Guybrush with his hook fending off the zombie hand would be good as a figurine. That or a montage with that sexy lechuck sculpture done a while back, guybrush looking jealous and elaine apparently swooning at lechuck... just a thought.

  • @Wapcaplet said: So the people who preordered and got bonuses like a free episode, access to the private forum, and who were able to play & use coupons from the Treasure Hunt should also be given a drastic discount in the free shipping requirements as well? :rolleyes:

    @Wapcaplet said: I feel your pain but I disagree. You (and I) got a free episode, and got to play for the 8 months since it was released instead of having to wait. And offering free shipping for only 15 dollars of purchase would mean they'd basically be paying to send you stuff since they'd spend more on shipping it to you than they'd get from the sale.

    When you buy something as it first comes out, or even preorder it, it always end up being more expensive than waiting 6 months to a year before getting it. It makes perfect sense.

    We paid $34.95 already for the game - I think it should count towards the - buy $50 and get free ship, since people who are buying the game now will have their $34.95 included as part of the $50.

    @avistew - when they release episodes by episode and get us to pay them a fee ahead of time, we are losing on the time value of money - 8 months worth and also they can estimate demand from the pre-orders (which has a nominal value). I believe that the perks we get from pre-ordering are just ways to entice people to pre-order. In regards to your comment about paying to send it to us, we paid $34.95 for it already which means that we do have a stake in part of the $50 already (just like the people who are buying it now).

    In all fairness the pre-order(ers) bought the game too, we paid $34.95 for it and it should count towards the $50 free ship just like the people who are purchasing the game now.

    (Btw, shipping is $18 for me and I fully enjoyed the game.)

  • maybe flip it another way in future. Those who take a leap of faith by purchasing a pre-order game get free shipping. Everybody else who joins later looses out. Basically an additional perk.

  • It's a limited offer. In 18 days people who have preordered won't get free shipping even if they order over 50 dollars worth of stuff. The promo isn't linked to preordering at all.

    You had the game for all that time. Just because you could save money now doesn't mean that have to make it cheaper for you. Preordering benefits are only meant to be benefits compared to people who buy the games after preorders are over. People who, just like us, have already bought the game now and don't have it counting towards the 50 dollars.

    At any rate, it makes no sense to ask that only if you have preordered. People who bought the game between July, when it stopped being a preorder, and now, when there is the 50 dollars deal, are in exactly the same boat.
    The only difference is I guess the Purcell slipcase, which I agree can make you feel like you've been cheated since now it's available to anyone. That's all. The rest is the same for anyone else, preorders or not.

  • Yeah, I ordered S&M S3 and the Deluxe set, for $49.90, with free shipping to Australia. Pretty good deal I think =)

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