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Thanks for ordering Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse, and welcome to the private pre-orderers discussion forum!

This is the exclusive location to chat with the team behind the latest Sam & Max season, and amass all kinds of secret knowledge related to the upcoming games, so that you can lord it over your less-informed friends. Join us!

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  • In terms of controls, could support be added for a logitech Spaceball or spacepilot? this would remove the click and drag fatigue from a lengthy play session.

  • @saltski said: In terms of controls, could support be added for a logitech Spaceball or spacepilot? this would remove the click and drag fatigue from a lengthy play session.

    It would be also really really nice to support the "old" DirectInput pads in general!

  • Preordered this on PC AND bought season 2 on Wii from Atari!

  • Woot!
    I'm also in!
    After ToMI, I can see TT is really on a roll here!

    And talking about rolls... May I wish we see a Rickroll in S&M's 3rd season? XD

  • Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww thanks a lot for the moments. You guys are awesome! Yay for TTG

  • @GozzoMan said: Right! :D

    You won one of the 10 Penal Zone posters! ... No, not really, sorry :o:D

    Haha, if only! I love that poster design so much. If I won it, I'd definitely buy a movie theater poster marquee to frame it. It'd be beautiful.

  • I bought Season 1 on retail for the PC, then for the Wii. I've been waiting patiently for season 2 for wii ever since, and I've ended up buying season 3 as a preorder!

    I still haven't played 2 lol

  • @rabbity said: I found it quite uncomfortable to have to continuously apply pressure to the mouse button for walking. One simple action shouldn't require a continuous mouse action (and I don't like using keyboard controls). It's also takes away from the leisurely pacing of an adventure game. I can live with it, and I expect them to keep it as it's probably more suitable for consoles, but I really wish they'd keep this aspect point-and-click.

    I see your point, but on the other hand, it has a (in my mind) huge advantage in large sceneries, where you need to walk from one end to the other. Remember the dining room in Maniac Mansion? Or those jungle/temple/street locations in Zak McKracken? I really can't stand this clicking-every-two-seconds.

    In 3D Adventures with those camera angles changing all the time, it's even more frustrating to me...

    Well, I guess this is a matter of taste... Maybe the developers could implement both controls, with an option to switch between them.

  • @saltski said: love broken sword. Best game on original Xbox and no backwards compatibility for 360. Would be amazing if telltale could start making these games too, I'm sure they'd be very popular to the monkey island crowd.

    I don't get it.. Why are people talking about Telltale making Broken Sword. Revolution is still around, and, just because they're working on a new IP doesn't mean they won't get around to Broken Sword 5.

    Have telltale been talking about bying the rights to the series?

  • @zmally said:
    I still haven't played 2 lol

    I'm playing it at random episodes as a time as I get them with coupon codes at the moment.
    so far the order is

    1.Ice Station Santa (got for signing up for The Devels Playhouse news
    2.Chariots of the Dogs (coupon code for preorder)

    My Telltale Tuesday code looks like it wont come due to facebook messages from people not in friends and networks not working even though I know for sure it's set to everyone because I checked right after the problem came up. so my 3rd random episode may not happen for a while, or I'll put it on my chrismas list

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