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Can't proceed in SBCG4AP ep. 5: Missing trophy?

posted by RavenWorks on - last edited - Viewed by 109 users

I am currently stuck in Strong Bad "8-Bit Is Enough"; I'm in the Halfhathlon, Coach Z is not besieged by scorpions, there is scorpion food at the end of the track, Strong Mad is NOT in my party, and there is no trophy anywhere in sight. The FAQ says I need to give Strong Mad the trophy in order to get him to assist me in getting the scorpion food, so there doesn't seem to be anything I can do. :(

The worse news is, I got frustrated with being stuck months ago, and hadn't touched the game since then, but today is the first time I decided to open the walkthrough and realised something was wrong -- so I don't know what I did to create this circumstance. I had assumed that I gave Coach Z the medkit before getting the trophy, but there is a post here from someone who's in my same situation but remembers how it came about, so maybe you should trust him. ;)

Either way: is there anything I can do to get the trophy back, or do I have to start the whole episode over? (This seems to be the last thing I'm missing before I can get in to fight Trogdor!)

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  • It's been a long time, but I think in that situation you may just be stuck unfortunately. You could try redownloading, but anything that currently exists in your save file will still exist even if we did get a fixed version out. I'm afraid you have to start over. Sorry!

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