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ToMI DVD Pre-Order/Deluxe Confusion

posted by Stanto on - last edited - Viewed by 156 users

So I pre-ordered the DVD ages ago. Like many. When it was promised we'd get the special edition cover for pre-ordering it back then.

I get my e-mail, "Oh, I thought I'd essentially paid for this already"

Fair enough, postage, I'll sail with that then.

"There's a deluxe edition and a 'normal' one?"

Then I get this e-mail:
[quote]Just can't get enough? Perhaps you'd be interested in the Deluxe Edition, which includes:

[list][*]The pre-order bonus Steve Purcell slipcover[/list][/quote]

So does this mean, since I only opted for the normal one I don't get my pre-order bonus? Also, this list only came out after I received the initial e-mail and have already ordered the original.

Anyone else confused as I am? Also it kinda makes it less exclusive since I pre-ordered it, ages ago and now anyone who gets the deluxe version grabs it (which y'know, is great for fans I guess).

Thanks for tolerating the post.

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