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Season 2.0 - A Very Serious Question for Telltale

posted by dunkpork on - last edited - Viewed by 286 users

So, how long am I going to have to wait to purchase Season 2, and then to download the first episode/the game?

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  • Besides, season 1 isn't even over yet!

  • It's probably going to be at least 6 to 9 months before Season 2 will start. Just a guess! :) On the bright side, get it har har, at least they can use the time to think of improvements.

  • @Hero1 said: Wow they've just been the first company to release a truly episodic series. They initially planned the episodes to be 60-90 minutes long.. and then made them 3-4 hours long in the same timeframe.. I think the telltale guys deserve a nice rest once season 1 is complete :)

    Which is why I asked a question and used the term "wait" instead of demanding, while holding a bloodied instrument of destruction ;)

    I can wait that long. Thanks Emily.

  • I'm more than willing to wait if it means high-quality stuff. All I ask is that you guys make a REALLY kickass E3 trailer to get us pumped for it (and to give us some idea of what to expect)...

  • I'm going to miss my monthly dose of Sam & Max hilarity.

  • I think the same schedule, with the first episode in December, is about as early as possible. Just a guess though.

  • @Rasher said: I'm going to miss my monthly dose of Sam & Max hilarity.

    Before the season started I was pretty skeptical how a game a month would work.. I've completely come around to Telltales way of thinking and I look forward to a new episode each month.. It's gonna be sad when there is no new episode to look forward to.

  • I think it will be kind of nice when the entire season is over. Then I can look forward to getting the dvd/cd they have packed for us, and find out if they have added a lot of new wacky things for us to play around with. First I will check out if they have changed the protection system when they publish it as whole season, since that is one of the most important things for me to consider when season 2 comes around. Then I can play all the episodes again - knowing the entire context as I play, and grow new insight. Afterwards I can forget all about sam & max(at least for some months, depending on the quality of season 2), and do something more productive :) All in good knowledge that I got it there on my shelf and can re-play it anytime.

  • I completely agree, marsan. While it'll suck not speculating over the usual things every month, how can we complain? We'll have gotten 6 kick-ass games in about as many months :D

    Plus Season 2 will be entirely post-feedback, so we'll probably see some big improvements that TT didn't have time to implement for Season 1.

  • We'll hopefully see the re-release updated Surfin' The Highway book sometime after Season One is done though.

    Maybe even Freelance Police on DVD? After all, Gametap will be done airing "new" episodes and once that dies down, who knows?

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