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Pre-order Slipcase versus the Poster Print. Help!

posted by Jenny on - last edited - Viewed by 309 users

I am about to order my Deluxe Edition Pre-order ( $14.95) and wanted to make sure that I get everything available for the cheapest price.

I was confused about the Poster Print, does it come free with the Deluxe Edition for those who pre-ordered, or is it a larger version of the slipcase that you need to buy separately, along with the full Tarot card set, buttons, and mug?

Also, I'm a little torn between the signed and unsigned versions. One way, the poster is completely unmarked, but the other way is that I have it signed which is amazing. How many bought/plan on buying the signed version?

Thanks for the help and opinions! (it's a lot to take in all at once)

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  • I know this has nothing to do with the topic, but since you're talking about me. I really like EMI better than any other MI, it's the funniest, has the greatest soundtrack, most intelligent puzzles, most beautiful backgrounds. I don't see why people don't like it, I know Monkey Combat is stupid, but so is the swordfight and naval battle thing in Curse.

  • Perhaps the Insult Swordfighting isn't the greatest gameplay mechanic (though I feel that it works better in Curse than in Secret), but at least it makes logical sense, is in English, is actually humorous, and doesn't require the use of a chart, none of which can be said about Monkey Kombat. Not to mention that getting the response you want in Curse is just a matter of spamming the same insult, while getting the response you want in Escape is a matter of thinking three steps ahead and still having worse than a 50/50 shot. There's really no comparison.

    Also, you're going to bash the Tales soundtrack and then sing the praises of Escape's? Between the two, only one left an impression on me, and it was not Escape.

    But there's a whole thread on this, so I won't say any more about it in this one.

  • They're both stupid and pointless, that's what matters

  • @thin029 said: They're both stupid and pointless, that's what matters

    well there as "pointless" as all videos games

  • Secret's Insult Swordfighting does not endear itself well to multiple playthroughs, and it's just as much grinding as the world's worst MMO. Once you know what's going on, it's off to grind, grind, grind. Why people CONTINUE to think that it was a good idea in Curse, and that it'd be a good idea to have come back again in later games, is completely beyond me. Actually, the Tales implementation in the afterlife was surprisingly good, but it was also mercifully short.

    In Secret, it's clever enough and ties the game to the great pirate films enough to be worthwhile, despite its faults. But it's not really the best gameplay mechanic, and taking out the humor aspect was a pretty bad decision.

  • I think what makes it less like grinding in Curse is the implementation of a difficulty tier. You work your way through progressively more difficult (smarter) enemies, and by the time you reach the game's swordmaster, you're usually prepared for it. It feels less like grinding because you're always making noticeable progress. Unlike in Secret, where you just fight in random encounters until you think you have enough responses.

    Also, it consistently takes me less time to finish in Curse than in Secret. Or at least it feels like it takes less time, which means it feels less like work. Either way, it seems there's something they got right in Curse that they had missed in Secret.

  • I think the insult games are fun like 1st 2nd 3rd time you do it but it gets really annoying when you know the right comeback but guybrush hasnt lerned it yet

  • So yeah, that poster eh, I got it when Shipping wasn't a total bastard, it's a nice poster, got the signed version to.

  • I had a save right before the sword fighting chapter. At least half of my playing curse were playing just that chapter and nothing else (and I've played the game dozens of times).

    I think bringing it back again would be a mistake, but I definitely loved it. It brought back one of my favourite parts from MI1, only better because of the rhymes.

    That was my opinion at least. Obviously not everyone liked it.

    In Tales I liked the sword thing but I found it too short and too easy. I found the right answer right away every time and there were only like 3 of them. It's too bad because I liked the twist, but on the other hand it could have become annoying and too long easily I guess.

    The "making faces" parts annoyed me, and seemed to me more similar to Monkey Kombat than to swordfights.

  • @avistew said: The "making faces" parts annoyed me, and seemed to me more similar to Monkey Kombat than to swordfights.

    That one's kind of weird for me. I wasn't crazy about the face-off, but I loved its applications outside of the fight (Sister Agnes and mocking Bugeye).

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