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Episode 1 Vista Patch

posted by dualloop on - last edited - Viewed by 424 users

I know you guys are probably very busy working on the other episodes and i dont want to cause a fuss, but is there any chance you could could tell me when the vista activation patch will be released.
I know alot of people have asked this question so thats why i hope i dont annoy you with this thread. :)

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  • I think it's in QA right now. We are trying to get a few other bug fixes in, besides the Vista compatibility. Anyway, a couple more weeks? (I know, we keep saying that... :p)

  • Who cares about that bugfixes if you can't play the game? Honestly, now it's much too late to bugfix Episode 1 anyway :P

  • I'm beginning to believe there will be no vista patch at all...

    It's ok although not very nice if Telltale doesn't support operating systems which have not been released when the game was released but it is very poor to tell the customer there's a patch coming next week and two months later nothing happened.

  • Same Problem here...
    Please, please think about how Max would react I he could not play his game ;-)
    Get us a patch for Vista.

  • There will be a new Vista-friendly version of episode 1, but at this point it's looking like it won't be until after Season 1 wraps. Sorry. :( There are only so many of us, and although I thought we'd be able to get these fixes out quickly, it turns out I was wrong.

    In the meantime there is a version of the game that we have been sending to press, which is Vista-compatible. If you want to use this until the "real" Vista-friendly version is ready, just send an email over to requesting it and I will send you the download instructions.

  • I have no problems playing Episode One on Vista myself... just had to reactivate with my order number and password.

  • [quote]I have no problems playing Episode One on Vista myself... just had to reactivate with my order number and password.[/quote]

    That works, but you'll run out of activations eventually and unfortunately the system is not set up in a way that allows us to give you a ton of activations so you can keep doing this. (We can increase the activations, but only after you've run out and only in small batches at a time.)

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