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Should I wait for a Mac version?

posted by Lula on - last edited - Viewed by 159 users

Hey guys,

I have a Mac, a Wii, and an Xbox 360, and I like playing games on them in that order. I know some upcoming TTG titles are coming out for Mac, but is there any chance that Strong Bad and Sam & Max will get ported to Mac? I'd be happy to wait if it's gonna happen, but if it's not, then I should probably go ahead and get the console version ….

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  • They will come to Mac, it's just a question of when. Sam & Max Season Two is the next in line to go over to Mac, but (as far as I know), we don't have a date yet.

    So, if you're anxious to play them, you may want to pay a visit to your local console, but if you're patient and love Macs above all else, they will show up eventually. :)

  • What Jake said. Our goal is to try to get as many of the seasons updated for mac in the relatively near future. Obviously, the more technical difficulties we have in conversion, the longer it will take, but I'm hoping we can do one or two seasons a month.

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