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New Villain?

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Since MI2, MI games had "guest" villains. MI2 Largo, CMI Rottingham, EMI Ozzie, TMI DeSinge; with LeChuck as the main villain. This episodic structure is the perfect opportunity to have a new "main" villain.

Having Guybrush defeat him in every game makes him less threatening as a villain. LeChuck needs a vacation.

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  • A new villan never hurts once in a while.
    With Mario for example Bowser never gets old, yet is always al right with a new villain(super mario rpg thousand year door, super paper mario, mario land 1+2) He is always good but nintendos new villans are sometimes awesome.

    Lets hope they dont reuse lechuck to the point of gruntilda in banjo kazooie
    (she was first an evil witch, then a skeleton, followed by a severed head in an artificial body) Therewe might need a new villan but how they are handling lechuck i dont think so.

  • @StarEye said: Well, there's a solution to this. We could have Largo as a main villain, and the whole game is about Guybrush trying to stop him from resurrecting LeChuck. He manages to stop him in the finale. To make things a bit more interesting, something happens (Guybrush's clumsiness) and LeChuck gets ressurected anyway, without Guybrush knowing. Thinking GB has saved the day once again, LeChuck gets away somehow, without GB noticing. Cue a potential sequel.

    CONGRATULATION, you just recreated most of the first act of MI2.

  • Blackbeard should be the new villain.

  • I wish the new villain was some kind of Voodoo Loa with dark powers. You know, a lanky shadow guy, scary face, can turn into smoke, cool exotic accent, maybe even a tophat, something like that. And I want LeChuck and Guybrush to somehow ally during the game so they can save Elaine from that guy. I don't want LeChuck to be the big bad guy again, that's getting a little old.

  • Treasure crab as a "giant enemy crab"?

  • Whoa! Maybe that is actually a giant robot made of gold.... it all makes sense now.

  • I'm absolutely sure that, if the TellTale will use LeChuck again in the next game, they will use it in the right way. They're excellent writers, and I'm sure that they will never be banal.

    However, maybe in the next game there should be a TRUE alliance between Guybrush and LeChuck against the Voodoo Lady as a real villain, and some new minor villain (in De Singe-style).

  • Morgan LeFlay possessed by LeChuck via wearing his belt = pirate hunter-god. She'll skewer the Carribean and LeChuck will look for a way to return physically rather than duelling personalities with Morgan constantly. Thus allowing Telltale to open up a whole new image for LeChuck (without tusks!).

    Maybe it's just me but I'd like to see LeChuck seduce Guybrush in this way, or a scene where Morgan wins over with her intense emotions, kisses Guybrush and LeChuck winning over Morgan's personality and saying something extremely crude/hilarious.
    Like, "Eh! Don't lock lips with me Seepgood!"

  • When I think about it, the problem with LeChuck is that every game since MI2, he's suddenly supposedly become more and more dangerous than in each game. Somehow, every game strived to make him more powerful than the last game, and this seriously needs to stop. From Ghost to Zombie made "sense", but Zombie to demon to all-of-the-above to Pirate God. What's more powerful than a God? I think he should just go back to being a zombie pirate, one that occasionally comes back to life like Jason Vorhees in Friday the 13th. And one that you don't see all that often during the game (apart from maybe cutscenes), so that when you finally do encounter him face to face he feels like an actual threat.

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